Johnny Tsai and Snake Man

Two New TOPS Tacticals

Ben Sobieck at Knife Showcase notes that sometimes the personalities are as interesting as the products at the SHOT Show:

Two interesting characters who ambled into the Gun Digest/Tactical Gear booth putting that dilemma to the test were Waysun Johnny Tsai of the Cuma Ram self-defense facility, and Mr. Snake Blocker of the Blocker Academy.

Both masters in the martial arts, they were armed with new signature tactical knives from TOPS.

Go check out these guys along with the Cuma Evolution and the Apache Falcon.

SHOT Attendance Record

Record-setting SHOT Show Signals Good Year Ahead for Hunting and Shooting Industry

The 2011 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show soared above expectations by setting records for buyer attendance at 31,769 and media attendance at 2,074.

Overall attendance of 57,390, comprising buyers, exhibitors, media and guests, ranked the show as the third largest ever behind the 2008 and 2010 events. In this sluggish economy, the SHOT Show demonstrates the resilience of one of America’s oldest industries and the popularity of its products.

Walking the show floor, Murdoc would have guessed that attendance was flat or even down slightly. Not that the place was sparsely populated, by any means, but the press of the mob didn’t seem quite as pressing as in years past. I’m glad to hear that the number of buyers, the key attendees, were good.