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No-Gun Signs are ‘Disturbing’ to School Officials

No Guns Allowed

Via Instapundit, who writes IT’S COME TO THIS While complying with state law isn’t a point of contention, some school administrators find the sticker’s image to be a bit alarming. “One of my biggest concerns as a principal is safety and security,” Tinley Park High School Principal Theresa Nolan said. “It is bothersome to have […]

Americans Favor Guns in Schools

Murdoc didn’t watch the news tonight, but he’s positive, positive, that this was the lead story: Note: An interesting fact somewhat buried is that when you combine the number of people who said a solution would be ‘very effective’ and ‘somewhat effective’, more people favored “arming at least one school offic” officia” over “banning the […]

Arrested and Strip Searched after his 4-year-old drew a picture of him holding a gun

Canada: Dad arrested over daughter’s gun drawing Police arrested a Kitchener, Ont., father outside his daughter’s school because the four-year-old drew a picture of him holding a gun. Jessie Sansone told the Record newspaper that he was in shock when he was arrested Wednesday and taken to a police station for questioning over the drawing. […]

Parents these days…

Via Uncle: Parents outraged that one of their daughter’s spelling words is “gun”: Many parents are concerned about gun violence, so Lawrence Gillman almost hit the ceiling when his 5-year-old pulled out a surprising homework sheet. “I looked at it and I seen the word ‘gun’ on it. The first thing I thought was ‘oh […]

Gun-Shaped Assault Pizza

Boy disciplined after waving gun-shaped pizza slice The idiots at David Youree Elementary School in Smyrna, Tennessee, have sentenced a 10-year-old boy to lunch at the “silent table” for allegedly waving around a slice of pizza some say resembled a gun. Yes, he’s getting punishment because of a piece of pizza. The school says he’s […]

Zero-Something Policy, Anyway

Richard Mann’s 11-year-old son contributed to a sidebar on dry-firing for publication in Rifle Firepower magazine, but because the accompanying photo includes a firearm, it violates the local school’s zero-tolerance policy on weapons. Thank goodness that educational policy is effective in barring paid and published work by 11-year-olds being shown in English class. Not only […]