No Violent Video Games In Germany?

A while back I got this tip in the inbox: All violent video games poised for ban in Germany

A bill is about to be introduced to parliament, after having been rubber-stamped by all sixteen of the country’s interior ministers, that would ban the sale of all violent video games. What’s a violent video game? Any game “where the main part is to realistically play the killing of people or other cruel or unhuman acts of violence against humans or manlike characters.” Yikes.

And not only would the law ban the sale of violent video games there, it would also ban the development of violent video games there.

The bill was the result of reports that a school shooter in March was an avid player of Counter-Strike. (I don’t know the actual status of this legislation, so if someone has more, don’t be shy about letting us know.)

Additionally, more restrictions on where you can store your legally-owned firearms (as in: you can lock them up at the range only) and banning of paintball were part of the bill.

Letter to the Editor: Illinois gun laws don’t keep you safe

Part of a letter in the Chicago Daily Herald:

Because Illinois and (especially) Cook County distrusts its citizens and denies their right to bear arms, an armed person is immediately suspect of criminal activity and the ordinary public live in a state of paranoia in the presence of firearms. Many Illinois citizens are shocked to learn that throughout the United States lawful concealed carry is the rule and not the exception. These same citizens would no doubt be surprised to learn that some of their fellow Illinois citizens are licensed to carry in as many as 30 other states. Only in their home state are they deemed unworthy of trust.

A lot of the paranoia about guns comes from living in an environment where guns are the exception and not the rule. Kids raised on the farm in the good old days, all of whom had BB guns and many of whom hunted small game with .22s and such as youngsters, would never dream of reacting to the sight of firearms like so many people in this country today.

The continuous effort to “shelter” children from anything related to firearms (even when part of a military-sponsored, supervised program) is making things worse.