Cleveland Police Union to the US Constitution: DROP DEAD

Cleveland police union asks for suspension of ‘open carry’ in wake of Baton Rouge, ahead of RNC

Cleveland, Ohio (CNN) — The head of Cleveland’s largest police union is calling on Ohio Gov. John Kasich to temporarily restrict the state’s open carry gun laws during this week’s Republican National Convention following Sunday’s shooting in Louisiana that killed three officers and wounded at least three others.

Now, whatever you think of this idea and whether or not additional restrictions around the convention might be in order or if security needs to be stepped up or the National Guard called in or whatever, this bit here should scare the living daylights out of every American:

“I don’t care if it’s constitutional or not at this point,” Stephen Loomis, president of Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, told CNN.

You lost me there, jackass.

The head of the Cleveland police union doesn’t care whether or not what he wants to do is constitutional. That means that Stephen Loomis, president of Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association needs to be removed from office immediately.

He says those open carrying are going to be targeted for tougher inspections.

“I couldn’t care less if it’s legal or not.”

You known how you get people to hate cops, Mr. Loomis? You know how you get people to think about attacking cops? You know how you make people sympathize with those ambushing cops? By not caring about the Constitution, by not caring what’s legal, and by saying so openly.

Holy shit, Murdoc cannot believe that this idiot is saying this to the media.

Murdocs prediction is that his comments inspaire ten times as many open carriers as would have been there.

Oh, and it’s not those open carrying that he should be worried about.

CRIME SOLVED: Wear ‘Don’t Shoot/Rob/Rape Me’ Bracelets


Police Launch ‘Don’t Touch Me’ Wristbands to Stop Migrant Sex Attacks in Sweden

Sweden’s police chief unveiled the force’s latest weapon in the fight against sexual assault: wristbands reading “Don’t touch me”.

The press release announced that police intend to equip young women with wristbands with the slogan “don’t touch me”. This will happen over the summer, at festivals and other events for young people. “By wearing these wristbands,” Sweden’s police chief said, “young women will be able to make a stand”.


A Swedish police report released last month noted that the country had the worst rates of sexual violence against women in Europe. The report acknowledged migrants were responsible for the bulk of the problem but the police were accused of making excuses for the perpetrators…

Migrant sex gangs are alleged to have been roaming the Sthlm music festival for 12 to 17-year-olds for the past two summers. One leaked police memo indicated that “unaccompanied youth” migrants, from the Middle East, were responsible for most of the attacks.

Murdoc wonders if a young woman who chooses not to wear one of these anti-touching bracelets is touched, was she asking for it?

If this no-touch bracelet idea came from some advocacy group, it would be laughable. But the fact that it’s coming from the government makes it shameful and illustrates just how little the government can do to protect its citizens.

This Just In: Criminals Break the Law

Study Learns Chicago Criminals DON’T Buy Their Guns Legally

The study learned that virtually zero criminals have ever used the internet or gun shows, because that method is easily traceable. It’s much safer for a criminal to acquire firearms on the streets where they’re harder to keep track of, and that’s most criminals method of choice.


Others indicated using “corrupt cops” who seize guns then “put them back on the street.”

This obviously supports the argument that increased regulation on gun purchases will do very little or nothing to reduce gun crime but will infringe on the rights and endanger those who comply with the law and aren’t a problem.

Via Stephen Green at Instapundit, who quips “Studies: What would we do without them?

This concept that those who we need to keep guns away from are exactly those who gun laws will never apply to is such a basic and fundamental truth that Murdoc always feels like an idiot when pointing it out. Telling someone that gun laws won’t deter law breakers feels like explaining something to a five-year-old. A five-year-old who just can’t comprehend what you’re saying.

Three Strikes for LEOs?

The Lost and Found Department: Why Three Strikes May Mean You’re Out

Had a fed been a bit more responsible about where he left his gun, Kate Steinle might still be alive. But, instead, Bill O’Reilly put his focus on Steinle’s shooter, a five-time deported illegal alien who found the gun which had been stolen from a BLM agent’s parked car. Had the post-killing report focused on the gun theft, it might have shone more light on the epidemic of carelessness that points to the often sloppy habits of service gun storage.

Gun theft is a problem. It would be interesting to see how many stolen guns originate from government sources compared to those stolen from private owners. We’ll never see those government numbers, of course.

Read the rest at Gun Pro Plus.

Innocent People Placed On ‘Watch List’ To Meet Quota

Marshals Say They Must File One Surveillance Detection Report, Or SDR, Per Month

The air marshals, whose identities are being concealed, told 7NEWS that they’re required to submit at least one report a month. If they don’t, there’s no raise, no bonus, no awards and no special assignments.

“Innocent passengers are being entered into an international intelligence database as suspicious persons, acting in a suspicious manner on an aircraft … and they did nothing wrong,” said one federal air marshal.

These unknowing passengers who are doing nothing wrong are landing in a secret government document called a Surveillance Detection Report, or SDR.

And this bit it particularly relevant at this moment:

What kind of impact would it have for a flying individual to be named in an SDR?

“That could have serious impact … They could be placed on a watch list. They could wind up on databases that identify them as potential terrorists or a threat to an aircraft. It could be very serious,” said Don Strange, a former agent in charge of air marshals in Atlanta. He lost his job attempting to change policies inside the agency. [emphasis Murdoc’s]

Meanwhile, the FBI conducted months of investigations on the Orlando shooter personally but failed to put him on a list, and dimwits in Congress are sitting in to make sure that those on terrorist watch lists can’t buy guns.

The ‘Opposite of Progress’?

NYPD commissioner’s anti-terror unit draws ire from police reform advocates

The creation of a new counterterrorism unit within the NYPD, which will be armed with “machine guns” and tasked with policing protests as well as guarding the city against any terrorist threat, has drawn heavy criticism from legal groups and police reform advocates.

Police commissioner Bill Bratton announced a new 350-officer strong Strategic Response Group (SRG) on Thursday along with a raft of police reforms including equipping more officers with tasers and body-worn cameras.

Likening non-violent protests against police brutality to terrorist attacks across the ocean isn’t going to win many friends, even when many are inclined to grow tired of the antics of police critics.

No Indictment for Shooter in No-Knock Raid


A Burleson County Grand Jury declined to indict the man who shot and killed a Burleson County Sheriff’s Deputy who was serving a search warrant in December.

Investigators were executing a search warrant at Henry McGee’s mobile home near Snook when the shooting happened.

A grand jury decided there wasn’t enough evidence for him to stand trial on the capital murder charge.

McGee admitted to shooting Sowders before sunrise on December 19th while the deputy and other investigators were serving a no knock search warrant for drugs at McGee’s mobile home near Snook.

Magee’s Defense Attorney Dick DeGuerin says his client thought someone was breaking into his home and fired to protect his pregnant girlfriend and himself.

McGee remains jailed on felony drug charges.

Via Instapundit, who writes

The dangers of no-knock raids. One of the reasons for the knock-and-announce rule is so that homeowners can assure themselves that their home isn’t being invaded. Sounds like this grand jury did the right thing, but if the sheriff’s department had been more sensible, the deputy would be alive now.

State agent not charged after gun sale claim

The Badger State:

A Wisconsin Department of Justice agent who was accused of illegally manufacturing and selling weapons won’t face criminal charges, according to a letter sent Friday to The Associated Press.

Assistant Attorney General Kevin Potter said the agency will now decide whether to launch an internal investigation into Jay Smith.

Smith was a supervisor at a Division of Criminal Investigation office in Superior when one of his agents reported he had been making and selling guns to other law officers, including Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, without a federal permit. The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has been investigating Smith since December.

The case was being handled by the U.S. attorney’s office in Minnesota.