Law Enforcement

Theiving Cops

A guy driving through Monterey, Tennessee got pulled over for speeding and the officer took $22,000 in cash because he said the driver “couldn’t prove it was legitimate.” [ cialis and diarrhea | buy kazazz shopping viagra | female viagra cream | buy viagra online | buy levitra viagra | brand viagra | buy generic […]

Arrested and Strip Searched after his 4-year-old drew a picture of him holding a gun

Canada: Dad arrested over daughter’s gun drawing Police arrested a Kitchener, Ont., father outside his daughter’s school because the four-year-old drew a picture of him holding a gun. Jessie Sansone told the Record newspaper that he was in shock when he was arrested Wednesday and taken to a police station for questioning over the drawing. […]

Expensive Overkill

Small town up in arms over armored transport vehicle purchase The Keene, NH, police department was going to get its own Lenco BearCat, a vehicle the town’s mayor reportedly described as a “tank.” However, citizens in the town of 23,000 revolted, according to the article, with nearly 100 of them packing a city council meeting […]