American Rifleman into the Top 25


American Rifleman, one of the magazines that members of the National Rifle Association can receive as part of their membership, posted a 29.3% boost in circulation in the second half of last year, compared with the second half of 2012, according to new numbers released Thursday by the Alliance for Audited Media, which tracks magazine circulation. That leap, to an average circulation of 2.2 million from 1.7 million, was enough to propel American Rifleman into America’s top 25 magazines by circulation, according to the circulation group.

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What a great OpEd

Obviously, a site like GunPundit is going to support Magpul’s decision to move out of Colorado after a law banning the sale or transfer of magazines holding more than 15 rounds was signed by the Governor last month. And poking fun at the idiots who passed such a law or those that support it is part and parcel to Murdoc’s role.

Even so, this opinion piece by Rick Tosches in the Denver Post seems, well, sort of deranged:
Tosches: Go ahead, Magpul. Move. Wyoming seems nice.

Is that what passes for an opinion in the Denver Post?

The Stephen King eBook ‘Guns’

Famed author Stephen King has published an eBook called ‘Guns’ to discuss the gun control issue.

No link given here, but here’s the blurb on Amazon:

In a pulls-no-punches essay intended to provoke rational discussion, Stephen King sets down his thoughts about gun violence in America. Anger and grief in the wake of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School are palpable in this urgent piece of writing, but no less remarkable are King’s keen thoughtfulness and composure as he explores the contours of the gun-control issue and constructs his argument for what can and should be done.

Seems almost reasonable, and definitely a possibility for “rational discussion.”

But then there’s this:

King’s earnings from the sale of this essay will go the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Whoops. One doesn’t have to know anything about King’s politics (which are very Liberal) or know what his stance on gun control is (he apparently favors a total ban on semi-autos) to realize which way his breeze is blowing on this.

Don’t buy this eBook unless you want to put money in the pockets of the Brady Bunch.

It’s almost like Stephen King is totally full of shit.

Yay, Journalism!

Inmates using newspaper’s gun owner map to threaten guards, sheriff says

Law enforcement officials from a New York region where a local paper published a map identifying gun owners say prisoners are using the information to intimidate guards.

Rockland County Sheriff Louis Falco, who spoke at a news conference flanked by other county officials, said the Journal News’ decision to post an online map of names and addresses of handgun owners Dec. 23 has put law enforcement officers in danger.

“They have inmates coming up to them and telling them exactly where they live. That’s not acceptable to me,” Falco said, according to Newsday.

It’s almost like publishing that information was irresponsible.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire, Mr. President

President Obama Falsely Claims Fast and Furious Program “Begun Under the Previous Administration”

Asked about the Fast and Furious program at the Univision forum on Thursday, President Obama falsely claimed that the program began under President George W. Bush.

“I think it’s important for us to understand that the Fast and Furious program was a field-initiated program begun under the previous administration,” the president said. “When Eric Holder found out about it, he discontinued it.”

Fast and Furious began in October of 2009. Fact.

Remembering Chicago’s victims

While Aurora gets the headlines:

Yet more than twice as many people have been murdered this month in the president’s hometown of Chicago than were killed in the Aurora shooting. They are just statistics for whom there will be no presidential visits or flags flown at half staff.

Via Instapundit, who writes

Well, since Chicago already has very strict gun control, these deaths can’t be turned to political use.