Blogging Summed Up Nicely

About that last post: Apparently, I’m a genius or a thumbsucker living in his mom’s basement judging from email. YMMV. That is how it goes on the internets. Murdoc’s professional opinion on the post in question leans more toward the “genius” end than the “thumbsucker” end. And I’m pretty sure that “living in his mom’s […]

Talk About Paranoid…

Sebastian observes And They Say We’re Fearful Eugene Kane in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Before today, I never had to worry about encountering covertly armed strangers during my daily routine. That, boys and girls, is as stupid a thing as you’ll ever read. If he really thinks he’s never encountered “covertly armed” people before during […]

AR Guns & Hunting

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Norway Weapons

Sebastian: Norway Killer Used Mini-14 and Glock 17 Days of our Trailers: Media Matters Lying. But he repeats himself. Arma Borealis: Killer didn’t use Dum Dum Bullets Sebastian again: VPC has a new white paper out “The Glock: A Favorite of Mass Shooters.” And also cops. [ sildenafil citrate voltammetry | tizanidine 2mg pills $217.00 […]