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Trying to get Open Carry out of Kroger Grocery

Kroeger Open Carry

Lansing, Michigan: Group calls for open-carry ban at Frandor Kroger Eight women, including East Lansing resident Linda Brundage, asked shoppers to shop elsewhere until Kroger prohibits customers from openly carrying guns. Protesters were members of the nationwide Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America. Brundage heads the group’s mid-Michigan chapter. Kroger’s 124 stores and […]

Stun Guns in the Wolverine State

Somehow I missed this: Michigan Court of Appeals Strikes Down Stun Gun Ban, Says Second Amendment Applies to Open Carry in Public I think this is correct. But Murdoc is more interested in HOW they reached that decision, especially: The Second Amendment applies not just to firearms but to other weapons as well. “[The state] […]


More good news: Gov. Mary Fallin signs open-carry gun bill into law It takes effect November 1st. Oh, what a beautiful Mornin’ Oh, what a beautiful day. I’ve got a beautiful feelin’ Everything’s goin’ my way.


Visitors can carry guns openly in Virginia parks A long-standing prohibition on openly carrying guns in Virginia state parks is set to officially end Monday, a victory for gun rights advocates after a protracted political battle that spanned four administrations. More than a year in the making, the state code is being changed after Gov. […]

OC Contacts

At 8 tips on contacts with ‘open carry’ citizens Here’s a nugget: As with concealed carry, there seems to be a lot of hypothetical rhetoric in regards to threat situations of “what could happen?” versus “what does history show us has happened?” Is there a heightened state of criminal activity associated with open carry […]

OC coming to Florida

Florida’s ‘open carry’ gun bill clears another hurdle The House Criminal Justice Subcommittee voted 10-3 for the proposal by Rep. Chris Dorworth, R-Lake Mary, over the objections of law-enforcement lobbyists and representatives of retail merchants. Dorworth said his bill is only intended to protect licensed concealed-weapons carriers who inadvertently show their weapons. Marion Hammer, the […]