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Banning Not Smoking

King County wants to ban public e-cigarette smoking Five years after Washington residents voted to ban smoking cigarettes, cigars and pipes in public places, King County wants to add one more thing to the list: Electronic cigarettes… “The idea is that even though they’re not exactly identical to cigarettes, people see folks using e-cigarettes, and […]

California Headed the Wrong Way

The California Rifle and Pistol Association have a release out about two anti-gun bills advancing through the legislature: AB1810 (Rifle and Shotgun Registration) and AB 1934 (Open Carry Ban). I was familiar with the attempt to outlaw open carry (even though the gun must be unloaded when OCing in California) and noted it in June: […]

California Open Carry Threatened

Ban on ‘open carry’ of guns passes Assembly Assembly Democrats on Tuesday pushed through a fiercely-contested gun control measure that would ban Californians from carrying unloaded weapons in public. The so-called “open carry” measure, which passed without a vote to spare, 41-25, now goes to the Senate where its fate is uncertain. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger […]