Michigan Constitutional Carry

Ruger LC9sHouse Bills 4772 – 4778 : Constitutional Carry Comes To Michigan

State Representative Cindy Gamrat (R- District 80) yesterday introduced Michigan HB 4778. HB 4778 will allow for the existing pistol registration to stay in place but allow broad exemptions.

In short, Michigan residents 21 and over who are permitted to own firearms would be able to carry concealed without a CPL. The existing CPL system would remain in place for those who wanted to get one for reciprocity purposes.

This is, in principle, a Good Thing.

Noted in the linked article:

One thing it does lack however is any change to carry on school grounds.

That is and should be a separate issue.

1,000 Feet

Wyoming gun owners could violate federal law

A traveler driving along Interstate 25 at Cheyenne will come within 1,000 feet of Jessup Elementary School.

If that Wyoming driver is carrying a weapon in the vehicle without a concealed weapon permit, he or she is in violation of a little-known federal law.

Constitutional Carry in Wyoming means people carrying without permits will break this all the time.

Carry Coming to Wisconsin?

New concealed carry bills go further than previous efforts

Madison — Republican lawmakers are moving quickly on bills to allow people to carry concealed weapons without any training and potentially without having to obtain state permits…

With Republicans now controlling the Legislature and governor’s office, a concealed weapons bill is expected to easily pass this session.

Rep. Jeff Mursau (R-Crivitz) and Sen. Pam Galloway (R-Wausau) released two bills Wednesday they wrote together, both of which go much further than past versions of legislation that has gotten traction in the Legislature.

One bill would make Wisconsin a shall-issue state for CCW permits. The other would allow carry without a permit.

Concealed carry bills have been passed before in Wisconsin only to be vetoed by a Democratic governor. Not this time. Murdoc doesn’t think the question is IF concealed carry comes to Wisconsin. The question is HOW SOON.

That will leave Illinois as the only state in the Union without some form of concealed carry allowed. Of course, several states with may-issue permits don’t issue all that many.

Via Sebastian.

What the gun control lobby doesn’t want you to know

Meant to post this a while back but didn’t get around to it until I noticed it linked somewhere today:
The Unconcealed Truth About Carrying Guns

Steve Chapman writes about the discussion of concealed carry in Illinois and the predictions of blood running in the streets that the antis are making. Murdoc hasn’t always agreed with everything Chapman has written, but on this one I’ll give a thumbs up.

36 states now have “shall issue” concealed carry and 4 more don’t require a permit at all. Only 2, Illinois and Wisconsin, have no form of concealed carry permit available for normal folks.

No Carry Permit Needed in Wyoming

Murdoc’s been off the grid for a while but thought this subject deserved an update:

Wyoming Adopts “Constitutional Carry” of Firearms

An important step was taken yesterday in Wyoming toward restoring the constitutionally protected right of Americans to keep and bear arms, as that state became the second in less than a year to enact legislation affirming the right of its citizens to carry a concealed firearm without a special government-issued license. Following adoption in the state Senate, the vote of the House in the Wyoming legislature approved the bill by a vote of 48–8 several weeks ago, and Gov. Matt Mead (photo, left) signed it into law on March 3.

This is good news, though (predictably) not everyone agrees.

Meanwhile: Carrying gun without permit passes Utah committee