More on the Detroit PD “Gun Just Went Off” Case

A few days back GP noted a strange case in Detroit where an off-duty police officer’s gun just went off at a party when a woman hugged him from behind while dancing. Adaisha Miller, 24, was killed by the shot.

It sounded fishy at the time, and it’s not getting much less murky as “more information” comes out from various sources.

The police say Parrish’s gun, reportedly a .40 S&W M&P, was in a soft holster on his right hip. A lawyer for the Detroit Police Officer’s Association says it was an inside-the-waistband holster and covered by the officer’s shirt.

Shooting investigation looks at off-duty Detroit police officer’s holster

One expert said several questions need to be answered to know whether such an accident is possible.

David Balash, a former Michigan State Police firearms examiner, questioned whether the holster could pivot or whether Parrish was bending over, given that holstered guns typically point with the barrel toward the ground.

“It’s just an incredible angle that they’re asking you to believe,” Balash said. “If the muzzle of the firearm were initially in a downward position, it would be such a dramatic twisting and turning of a weapon.”

In response to those who’ve wondered how a killing shot could happen from a gun holstered at the waist, the Detroit PD have now stated that Miller was “dancing on her knees.”

The official said that explains how Miller was shot in the chest while dancing behind Officer Isaac Parrish during a fish fry early Sunday at his home on Archdale.

The official said the angle of the gunshot is possible because Miller was not standing and described it as some type of “exotic dance” where Miller, 24, was tugging at Parrish’s waist.

The Miller’s mother says that witnesses have told her that she and Parrish were “side by side and she got a birthday hug from Parrish when the gun went off.”

Though the police’s story sounds like it could be a bit fishy, the account of the side-by-side birthday hug doesn’t make any sense.

Miller’s mother says a doctor told her the bullet went through a lung and hit her heart.

Also worth noting is the fact that the police say that alcohol was not a factor despite the fact that Parrish was not given a breathalyzer or blood test at the time and that department police forbids carrying of firearms when BAC is above 0.02%.

‘It’s a fluke accidental shooting’

Woman hugs off-duty Detroit police officer — and dies after his gun goes off

Bizarre story from the Motor City:

Miller, who would have turned 25 today, was fatally shot early Sunday morning while attending a party on Archdale in Detroit. Police reports say she was killed when an off-duty Detroit police officer’s pistol fired as she embraced him.

Police said that Miller hugged the officer — whose name has not been released — from behind as he was dancing, and the gun discharged.

The story is that the officer had a department-issued .40 S&W M&P in an inside-the-waistband holster. And it “went off” when Adaisha Miller hugged him from behind while he was dancing with his wife.

Sounds made up.

Hunting Safety Numbers

Hunting Is Safer Than Golf and Most Other Recreational Activities

    To put hunting’s safety standing into perspective, compared to hunting a person is . . .

  1. 11 times more likely to be injured playing volleyball
  2. 19 times more likely to be injured snowboarding
  3. 25 times more likely to be injured cheerleading or bicycle riding
  4. 34 times more likely to be injured playing soccer or skateboarding
  5. 105 more times likely to be injured playing tackle football.

And about 80% of hunting injuries are treestand-related, not gun-related.


Chandler man accidentally shoots himself in groin

According to the police report, the man had his fiancee’s pink pistol tucked in the front waistband of his pants when the gun accidentally fired.

The bullet hit the man’s penis and then went through one of his legs.

According to the on-scene reporter: “It hit him squarely where it hurt the most.” And the reporter noted that everyone he spoke to brought up the fact that the guy obviously wasn’t being very safe and needed to learn how to handle a gun.

‘It was a freak accident’

Man holding pit bull when shot, son says

A neighbor’s pit bull apparently jumped the fence and threatened some kids, but then it got weird:

[Robert] Walker Sr. threw a brick at the dog while his wife quickly escorted her grandchildren into the house. She retrieved a .38-caliber revolver and returned outside, where she found her her husband holding the barking pit bull with both hands. Walker Sr. and the pit bull were face to face with the dog’s back to Betty Walker.

Betty Walker fired two shots, the first striking her husband in the upper right chest. The second bullet struck the dog’s left front leg.

Walker died of his wounds.

According to the story, the threat to the kids was “pulled on a shirt tail.”

Why would you shoot at a dog being held by your husband?

This whole thing, at least from this coverage, seems a bit fishy.

Boy Scout saves Dad’s life

How 12-year-old West Michigan boy’s quick actions saved dad’s life

While his dad spray-painted a friend’s bedroom, 12-year-old Jordyn Tyler put finishing touches on the hallway.

Then, his dad started laughing uproariously.

“I said, ‘What’s so funny?’ He didn’t answer. So I asked him again, and he didn’t answer.”

With the bedroom sealed in protective plastic, the son hollered: “If you don’t answer, I’m going to kick the door open.”

Murdoc’s said it before and he’ll say it again: Boy Scouts is a great program and every boy should give it a try.

It prepares guys for a lot more than just camping in the woods.

He said he still can’t believe his son acted so fast.

“He knew exactly what to do,” Tyler said. “I don’t know how he even knew.”

Murdoc knows how.

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