Big Shootings Only Happen in Safe Places

Gun Shows Should Be Dangerous, but Aren’t

According to liberals, the most dangerous place in the world must be a gun show: It’s a giant room full of macho, vigilante maniacs with itchy trigger fingers and several guns apiece, with evil assault rifles everywhere, and a mysterious loophole that somehow allows the criminally insane to walk away with AR-15s.

According to liberals, the safest place in the world is a ‘gun-free zone’: a school, a bar, a movie theater with a ‘no guns’ sign, or, since 1993, any American military base.

The Gun Buyback Loophoole

Oregon: Gun turn-in pits Ceasefire against collectors with cash

Only 43 people turned in unwanted guns Saturday at Ceasefire Oregon’s latest community collection event, in the Veterans Memorial Coliseum parking lot.

Compared to 152 last year. And competition probably had something to do with it:

[Gun collectors] lined up at the parking lot’s two entrances, hoping to convince people driving in to sell them their guns rather than hand them over to police for destruction. Each gun turned in to police earned a $50 Fred Meyer gift certificate.

The gun collectors waved signs at cars approaching the lot, reading: “I buy guns, $50-$200 cash.”

By the end of the day, the collectors said they had managed to buy 10 to 15 guns that otherwise would have been turned in and destroyed.

Some guy turned in a practically-new Glock, still in its original box for a $50 grocery store card. Clear thinking on his part.

But I imagine some guys got some good deals, and the sellers got a better deal than the authorities were going to give them. And it didn’t cost taxpayers one single penny.

Liz Julee, a Ceasefire Oregon Educational Foundation board member, looked at the men and women at the parking lot entrances and refused to accept that they were there only to add to their gun collections.

“I think it’s political,” Julee said. “I think it’s unfortunate that they feel they need to have an oppositional presence.”

I doubt too many people really care what you think is unfortunate, Liz. Really. After all, it’s not like Ceasefire Oregon is un-political. You don’t like it? Get the laws changed so people can’t sell their private property to other people.


There’s Nothing Special About a Gun Show

Vuurwapen Blog:

People who’ve never been to a gun show should take the title literally – there is really nothing special about a gun show. From a legal standpoint, what occurs inside a gun show is no different than what occurs in a gun store or at a shooting range or even under a tree on Christmas morning.

Once Murdoc thought he had accidentally parked in the middle of the infamous loophole, but it turned out to be just a broken section of the parking lot. I don’t spend a lot of time at gun shows. I check out some local ones once in a while, but it’s not a big deal and they generally don’t have enough stuff worth the trip.

If all the stuff I keep hearing about being available was actually available, you can bet I’d make time.

UPDATE: Alphecca notes a Wichita gun show with thousands of attendees and 8 protestors. The protestors got the news coverage, of course.

“We need to have a dialogue about are we going to get serious about making our community and our nation safer or continue to have just basic wide open OK corale [sic] shoot out,” [protest organizer Micheael Poage] added.

Uh, Michael, where are these basic wide-open OK Corral shootouts happening?

‘Criminals & Terrorists Welcome!’

Was sorting through some photos last night and realized that I had never posted this shot of the huge billboard along I-90 in Boston just outside of Fenway Park:

We Sell Guns Billboard in Boston
We Sell Guns Billboard in Boston

No ID Required. No Background Checks. Criminals & Terrorists Welcome!

What I find most amusing about it is that not only is it NOT accurate as far as gun shows go, it’s actually pretty accurate as far as US border policy goes. These folks want to close a “gun show loophole” that doesn’t exist but (and I’m guessing here) would probably not support building a wall to close the “border loophole.”

I don’t know who funds this billboard.

No Surprise

Testing Minnesota’s gun show loophole

I decided to try to buy a gun. To hear the Citizens for a Safer Minnesota tell it, this would be an easy task. I didn’t have a permit, but surely these gun merchants would insist I purchase their wares, federal red tape be damned.

As anyone who’s spent much time at gun shows knows, you can’t just buy guns without ID or background checks from dealers.

Critics of the story cry about the fact that the writer only tried to buy from dealers and not from individuals. But, whether he meant to or not, he made the point that it’s not a “gun show loophole” at all. If the antis want to ban individual person to person sales, let them try while calling it a “ban on individual person to person sales.”

No Paperwork or Nothin

Overheard a guy telling someone that his buddy wanted them to go down and get their concealed carry permit so they could buy guns at gun shows without having to fill out paperwork or anything.

I had to stop and explain that, in Michigan, owning a Concealed Pistol License allows you to purchase handguns without having previously acquired a 10-day permit to purchase from the local law enforcement agency, but that all the standard paperwork and background checks were still required.

Which reminds me of the big sign out along I-90 in Boston near Fenway. I got a pic and will post it tonight.

The antis rely on people believing lies. Unfortunately, a lot of people do exactly that.