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Be fashionable while you load your mags

Maglula UpLULA magazine loader Color Options pink brown

UpLULA in Color: Maglula added pink to the UpLULA color options some time back, but at the 2014 SHOT Show they were displaying the new brown option, as well. Adding color options to guns and gear is trending hot lately, particularly in the tactical market, and it’s often a relatively simple process for manufacturers.

The Gun Buyback Loophoole

Oregon: Gun turn-in pits Ceasefire against collectors with cash Only 43 people turned in unwanted guns Saturday at Ceasefire Oregon’s latest community collection event, in the Veterans Memorial Coliseum parking lot. Compared to 152 last year. And competition probably had something to do with it: [Gun collectors] lined up at the parking lot’s two entrances, […]

‘Criminals & Terrorists Welcome!’

Was sorting through some photos last night and realized that I had never posted this shot of the huge billboard along I-90 in Boston just outside of Fenway Park: No ID Required. No Background Checks. Criminals & Terrorists Welcome! What I find most amusing about it is that not only is it NOT accurate as […]

No Surprise

Testing Minnesota’s gun show loophole I decided to try to buy a gun. To hear the Citizens for a Safer Minnesota tell it, this would be an easy task. I didn’t have a permit, but surely these gun merchants would insist I purchase their wares, federal red tape be damned. As anyone who’s spent much […]

No Paperwork or Nothin

Overheard a guy telling someone that his buddy wanted them to go down and get their concealed carry permit so they could buy guns at gun shows without having to fill out paperwork or anything. I had to stop and explain that, in Michigan, owning a Concealed Pistol License allows you to purchase handguns without […]