Just in Case

Was packing up a couple of guns on Friday for some photo shooting for an article I’m working on, and one of them was my Romanian AK clone. At the last minute, I tossed a few boxes of Wolf ammo in the bag.

Wife: I thought we were just taking pictures. I didn’t think you were planning to shoot.
Murdoc: I’m not planning to shoot.
Wife: Then why the ammo?
Murdoc: The world might end tomorrow and we’ll be away from home.
Wife: You think the world’s going to end tomorrow?
Murdoc: No. But if something goes down, I don’t want any trouble we’re in to be on account of not shooting back.

Murdoc rarely takes any guns anywhere without at least a few rounds for it. The last thing you want is to have a gun with you when you need it but no ammunition.

Meanwhile, since the worlds didn’t end as far as Murdoc can tell, I guess it’s time to spend a little more time blogging. I’ll be making an effort to ramp things back up a bit over here.

Remembering Katrina

The Great New Orleans Gun Grab by Gordon Hutchinson and Todd MassonThere’s been a lot of new coverage of the 5-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and all the problems it caused in New Orleans. Like the original go-round, the plight of the areas where the hurricane actually hit got much less coverage. So go check out this post I wrote back at the time on Murdoc Online showing many photos of the effects of Katrina east of New Orleans.

Something else that must not be forgotten about Katrina and its aftermath was the eagerness with which the local New Orleans law enforcement agencies tried to confiscate legally-owned firearms. At a time when people were on their own more than ever, the police spent an awful lot of effort to disarm law-abiding citizens when they should have been protecting them.

If you have only a passing knowledge of those events, I heartily recommend reading The Great New Orleans Gun Grab by Gordon Hutchinson and Todd Masson.

Win 1,000 Rounds of 9mm

M.D. Creekmore at The Survivalist Blog – a survival blog dedicated to helping others prepare for and survive disaster – with articles on bug out bag contents, survival knife choices and a wealth of other survival information is giving away a 1,000 round case of 9mm — 124 Grain FMJ (a $200 value — donated by LuckyGunner)! To enter, you just have to post about it on your blog. This is my entry. Visit The Survivalist Blog for the details.

Multi-tool Hatchet Job

Now this is a multi-tool that stands out:

Brook & Hunter Mo-Tool Axe
Brook & Hunter Mo-Tool Axe

I spotted the Brook & Hunter Mo-Tool Axe in Popular Mechanics this morning. Besides the hammer head and axe, it’s got:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Blades
  • Knives
  • Can Opener
  • Wire Cutter
  • Pliers
  • File
  • Wrench

I’m not exactly sure how big this thing is. If it’s large enough for the axe to be really useful, it would be fairly large, wouldn’t it? If it’s small enough to strap on your belt, I wonder if there’s enough heft to it.