Olympic Trials

Olympic Shooting Trials start June 1

FORT BENNING, Ga. – The U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Smallbore (.22-caliber) Shooting start today, June 1 at Fort Benning on the ranges of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit and will run through June 11.

The seven remaining slots to be filled on the U.S. Olympic shooting team will be awarded during the trials. Shooters will shoot three qualification rounds and finals per event over the course of three days and the Olympic qualifier will be announced at an awards ceremony following the last final for that event.

More details in the release at The Outdoor Wire.

Law Enforcement v Shooting Stars Tournament

Law Enforcement v Shooting Stars (L.E.S.S.) tournament
Law Enforcement v Shooting Stars (L.E.S.S.) tournament

Any GP readers out there up to the challenge?

L.E.S.S. shooting competition to award $80K in cash prizes to top action shooters:

Site Picture announced today the Law Enforcement v Shooting Stars (L.E.S.S.) tournament is now open to all shooters across the United States in a move prompted by law enforcement to compete with the best of all the rest. Shooting enthusiasts,hobbyists, pros and those who love shooting, can now compete with our nation’s finest showcasing their athletic ability using a production weapon battling to win $80,000 in grand prizes. Northeast sign-up deadline is June 6, 2012, June 30th for other regionals.

Site Picture produces L.E.S.S., which is earmarked as the most anticipated shooting competition in 2012. “In response to law enforcement gunning to prove they will beat all other action shooters, Site Picture delivers the event that determines the best,”said Dawn Goldman, chief marketing officer. “We will settle this once and for all but who will it be, law enforcement or best of the rest?” This tournament levels the playing field by requiring an unmodified handgun be used. Showcasing shooting skills, precision, accuracy and technique four winners are guaranteed $15,000 each with a chance at $5,000 in a bonus round.“Action shooters often compete just to win but these prizes make winning L.E.S.S. tournament financially worthwhile,” announces Goldman.

Site Picture is partnering with the National Law Enforcement Fund by donating $2.00 per registration with $10,000 of that pledged to ‘Matter of Honor,’ the campaign to build the first-ever National Law Enforcement Museum. Registration is $150.00 discounted to $100.00 if completed by May 31, 2012. Law enforcement fees are sponsored therefore $45. Registrants receive a goody bag with items from sponsors.

“Competing is convenient because the tournament largely takes place at local ranges,”explains Goldman. “Every attempt will be made for participants to compete no more than 40 miles from their home with only the top 20 from every region traveling on.” The Northeast preliminaries begin June 16-23; Southeast – July 14-21; Midwest July 21-28; and Southwest – July 28-Aug 4, 2012.

Site Picture brings notable exposure to action shooting sports by promoting safety and community. This sport contributes to safe handgun use. L.E.S.S. will showcase proper handling. “I’m excited to be part of Site Picture, as it’s a community where shooters communicate and share ideas,” states Max Michel, three-time World Speed Shooting Champion, and Team SIG SAUER Spokesman, who’s endorsing the event. “They’re committed to creating exposure for the sport.” Confirming Michel’s sentiment, J.J. Racaza, Steel Challenge record holder, double grandmaster in the USPSA/IPSC and Department of Homeland Security agent says, “Site Picture has the potential to become the hub for all shooting needs. A one-stop shop for information, products, and sites about shooting.”

Tournament scores post like any other sport, live and real-time for everyone to watch. Scoring is based solely on speed and accuracy. The tournament will stream live in H.D. quality from www.Sitepicture.co with updates on Site Picture’s Twitter Page.

More tournament info HERE.

Tactical Bleeding Zombie Target

When your ZombieIndustries’ package arrives, proceed with extreme caution and carefully drag the box to a secluded area. Be careful of contents, as the Zombie is not dead, only dormant

Each Chris Zombie is cloned in our San Diego, California facility and is hand painted to accurately resemble an infected human that just finished gnawing on your neighbor Zed’s leg, to give you that realistic look so you genuinely feel the hate. What makes our Zombie’s so special? They’re filled with biodegradable matter, which makes clean-up so much easier… (are you happy, mom?) …and oh yah, let’s not forget, they ooze and burst into little pieces of blood soaked Zombie matter when you shoot them!

Shooting Gallery, 1936-2009

Very cool:

In 1936, 16-year-old Ria van Dijk from Tilburg, Holland, fires a gun in a fairground shooting gallery. She hits the target, triggering a camera to take her portrait as a prize.

At the age of 88, Ria van Dijk still makes her annual pilgrimage to the Shooting Gallery.

Here she is in 1936:

Ria van Dijk in 1936
Ria van Dijk in 1936

There are 31 photos in the posted collection, and it’s interesting to see how she looks like she’s the same and only the spectators and background has changed in many of them.

Gun Loving Folk

Yeah. What a crazy picture gallery of stupid Bible-thumping hillbilly rural American rednecks compensating for small penises.

Oh, wait. They’re Swiss. And lots of them are female.

Also, note that all those “assault weapons” and yet not one person was killed or even shot at. Weird, for a gun whose sole purpose is to kill people.

It’s almost like the other side is exaggerating or something.

The gallery is worth a minute or two. Good stuff. Via Uncle.

Blackout for the Win

300 AAC Blackout Used in Win at MultiGun Nationals

Staff Sargent Daniel Horner of the US Army’s Marksmanship Unit used the new 300 AAC Blackout cartridge to win first overall in the Tactical Optics division of the 2011 USPSA MultiGun National Championship, held outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

300 AAC Blackout was launched by Advanced Armament Corp. and Remington primarily for the military as a way to shoot 30 caliber bullets from the M4/AR15 platform while using standard magazines, but is expected to see a lot of use for hunting, plinking, and home defense as well. The concept of putting a 30-caliber bullet in a shortened 223 case has been done before, but not as an industry-wide standard that anyone can make products for, royalty-free.

More below:

SAAMI, the industry standards organization, adopted 300 BLK earlier this year, and it now has broad industry support- with over 60 companies making products for it. Remington is leading the pack with the most types and highest volume of ammo available – 125 grain open-tip match with a custom Sierra bullet, 220 grain subsonic, and 125 grain AccuTip for hunting, law enforcement, and self-defense.

While this is one of the lowest-cost cartridges to reload for – Remington and AAC recognized that most people are not reloaders – so UMC ammo is planned to be out soon with a price of just $12.99 MSRP per box – substantially less than other cartridges that are a power upgrade from 223. And the use of the cartridge to win the Nationals while qualifying for “Major Power Factor” leaves no doubt about the potential for accuracy and the capability of some major punch.

Robert Silvers, AAC’s Director of Research and Development – and project lead for the platform, explained “People want to hunt with their AR, and 223 may not be legal in their state or they just may not like varmint-sized bullets – now there is a way to shoot 30 caliber from your AR while still using normal magazines with full capacity. Even the bolt stays the same, and all that changes is the barrel.”

Expect to hear a lot more about this cartridge as many more companies announce products at the 2012 Shot Show and throughout next year. For more information visit www.300aacblackout.com.

Top Shot Casting Call

For all you sharpshooters:

THE HISTORY CHANNEL is seeking SKILLED MARKSMEN for SEASON 4 of its hit competition show.

You’ve seen some of America’s best shooters take on the Top Shot challenge, and now it’s time for YOU to join their ranks.

With production on season 3 gearing up, The History Channel is NOW CASTING SEASON 4 of its electrifying marksmanship competition show. Producers are looking for anyone with unrivaled shooting skills and a big personality to take on exciting physical challenges with multiple guns and mystery projectile weapons. If you are skilled with a pistol, rifle or any other firearm, you could win $100,000 on TOP SHOT 4.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professionally trained shooter or a self-taught average Joe or Jane. As long as you’re in good physical shape, have mastered a firearm and can adapt to new weapons and demanding physical situations, you could be America’s next Top Shot.

Simply email TopShotCasting@gmail.com with your name, city/state, phone number, a recent photo of yourself and a brief explanation of why you are America’s next “Top Shot.” If producers want to follow up, they will contact you for more information. If you have questions, please call our casting hotline: 818-478-4570.

Deadline to apply is MAY 20, 2011.

Flyer of the call here.

Not Defense Training

Caleb: IDPA is a Game:

One of the most common rebuttals that you’ll encounter when you’re trying to get a concise definition of IDPA’s rules is “well you wouldn’t do ‘X’ in a gunfight” where “X” is whatever thing the guy that just wants consistent rules is looking for. Those guys will then usually quote this section of the rulebook:

The International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) is the governing body of a shooting sport that simulates self-defense scenarios and real life encounters.

Whenever that’s quoted, the emphasis is always placed on the “simulates self-defense scenarios” or “real-life encounters”. Here’s the problem – right before that, IDPA itself says that it’s a “shooting sport”. Not self-defense training. Not practice for a gunfight. Because if it were practice for a gunfight, 99% of the stages would consist of pulling a .380 out of a pocket, dumping all your rounds in a single assailant and then running like hell.

Go read.