Student Expelled For Having Tattoo Gun Tool

Zero Sense Policy at work:

Instead of reporting to school each morning, 15-year-old Byron Preston is reporting for work in his father’s barber shop and nail salon. Byron was expelled from Laurel High School three months ago. He was found with a device called a “tattoo gun” in his possession.

A tattoo gun fires no bullets or other projectiles. Like a solder gun or a caulking gun, it is a tool.

“They said it was a weapon because it could inflict bodily harm,” explained the high school sophomore, who added he had no intention of tattooing himself or anyone else. Byron said he just wanted to practice tattooing on pieces of fruit.

P.G. Student Expelled For Having Tattoo Gun Tool:

PAW-20 Grenade Gun

The Neopup/Denel PAW-20 is a hand-held, gas operated, semi-automatic grenade launcher that fires a 20 mm point detonating round. It holds up to seven rounds in a conventional box magazine, with an effective range of 300–400 metres.

Certainly no XM25, and the 20mm grenades are probably quite a bit less powerful than 25mm rounds. But still an interesting grenade gun. The side grip is a bit weird.

Via Theo Spark. Hat tip to the reader who sent the link.