Friday Gunzookery – 25 Jul 2008

Chicago continues to enforce gun ban
Says court ruling doesn’t apply…I think they’ll learn that the US Constitution applies to Chicago, too. And when they do it will probably set a precedent that underscores the Heller ruling better than anything the NRA could do.

Second Amendment News Roundup
Liberty Sphere’s always-excellent linkfest.

Legally owned (but illegally held) firearms to be destroyed
Police agreed to temporarily hold firearms for safekeeping, refuse to return them.

It’s the 1930s All Over Again?
Why is it always the 1930s? If it’s not the Great Depression it’s the Gestapo. In both cases, of course, not so much.

Crushing dissent
Boy, don’t give public officials in New Hampshire dirty looks.

I’ve heard of lazy, but damn
Washington state Democratic congressional candidate sends body doubles to public appearances.

Here’s a tip for all the ‘progressives’ out there
So many don’t understand that racism works both ways.

Arkansas Recalls License Plates
Apparently the letter combination of ‘NGR’ on a license plate is offensive.

Gun owners show their metal: About 40 stroll for 2nd Amendment
If I had known about this I might have joined. The article points out that they were “mostly white men.”

I’m Glad They Arrested This Monster!
Rampaging 10-year-old with a bean shooter apprehended and charged with assault.

Here are six reasons I’m wary of gun buybacks
Eric Zorn on tomorrow’s scheduled buyback in Chicago.

McCain Sleight on Assault Weapons
Apparently McCain voted for the eventual passage of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act after it had the assault weapons language attached to it.

Texas Students Joining Students for Concealed Carry on Campus
Chapters at 24 institutions and 150 members

Friday Linkzookery
More links at Murdoc Online

UK: Not completely lost

I’ll finish today’s Great Britain triple header (see the earlier stories here and here) with one that should make us feel a bit better about things across the pond:

Jan Babik still ready for action

War veteran, 88, foiled knife-wielding intruder by grabbing him and forcing him out of his home

Threatened by a knife-wielding junkie who burst into his home and demanded money, 88-year-old war veteran Jan Babik did not flinch.

Instead, the steely pensioner responded by grabbing the raider, trying to shake some sense into him and then chasing him out of his home.

Babik was born in Poland, captured by the Soviets, and sent to England in 1941 as part of the amnesty after the outbreak of the Soviet-German war. He served as an RAF radio operator during the war.

He said the intruder “wasn’t a very athletic man.”

That’s awesome.

Fob Guns

More from the UK:

Fob Gun

The terrifying 4-inch key fob gun used to shoot clubber ‘in row over girls’

At first glance it looks like any other keyring used for automatically unlocking car doors.

But this innocent-looking key fob hides a deadly purpose.

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand it is actually a double-barrelled gun capable of wounding and even killing a man.

The terrifying new escalation of Britain’s gun culture was revealed in a landmark court case in which a clubber who shot a man with the weapon was jailed for nine years.

These fob guns were made in Bulgaria as small emergency flare guns for life jackets but have been converted to fire .25 caliber bullets.

Assault Camera Ban in the UK?

Photographing thugs ‘is assault’, police tell householder snapping proof of anti-social behaviour

It’s the Daily Mail, but given the direction of things in Britain these days I’m buying it:

David Green, 64, and his neighbours had been plagued by the youths from a nearby comprehensive school for months, and was advised by their headmaster to identify them so action could be taken.

But when Mr Green left his £1million London flat to take photographs of the gang, who were aged around 17, he said one threatened to kill him while another called the police on his mobile.

And he claimed that a Police Community Support Officer sent to the scene promptly issued a warning that taking pictures of youths without permission was illegal, and could lead to a charge of assault.

When he started taking pictures, one of them called the cops. That’s something right there, law-breakers asking the law for help. But the law sided with them.

Nothing to laugh about. This sort of thing is the natural next step after the right to defend oneself is outlawed. Note that I wrote that the right is outlawed, not removed. Big difference.

One thing worth laughing about is the Daily Mail’s alt text for the image they included in the story:

Picture of yobs taken by David Green

Why is it that Green is apparently being treated like the yob?