Month – December 2010

Opening the bubbly

Happy New Year, everyone! Tempted to try this tonight with a big oldschool bayonet. If I do, we’ll get video. And if it works, I’ll post it. On Gizmodo via a reader. [ aceon 8mg pills $141.00 | cialis prescription | cialis next day delivery | dostinex 0.5mg pills $395.00 | primaquine 7.5mg pills $198.00 […]

Ruger Scout Rifle

This looks pretty good: A short .308 bolt-action. I’m still a bit partial to the Marlin 1895 SBL for this sort of rifle, but this Ruger does look nice. More info over at Gun Nuts Media. [ buy cialis next day delivery | asacol 400mg pills $288.00 | evecare 30 tablet bottle $254.00 | desyrel […]

More on Cleveland Restrictions

Here’s a little more on the story about the Ohio Supreme Court ruling that the city of Cleveland’s gun restrictions violated state law. Eugene Volokh writes: Two of the seven Justices dissented, but I find it hard to understand their argument. They reasoned, quoting an earlier case, that “in order for … a conflict to […]

Jeff Moss: The idiot of the day

Lunchbox mix-up leads to charges for Sanford teen An athletic and academic standout in Lee County said a lunchbox mix-up has cut short her senior year of high school and might hurt her college opportunities. Ashley Smithwick, 17, of Sanford, was suspended from Southern Lee High School in October after school personnel found a small […]

Ohio Law Trumps Cleveland Restrictions

Ohio Supreme Court shoots down local gun control The Ohio Supreme Court today dealt a fatal blow to local efforts to regulate firearms, concluding that a more permissive state law should trump restrictions on guns in cities. In a 5-2 ruling, the state’s top court struck down Cleveland’s assault-weapons ban and registration requirement for handguns. […]

McMillan M3A

Via the Outdoor Wire: The McMillan M3A has an 18″ barrel and utilizes a six-groove rifling with 1×10 right hand twist. The action is Springfield M1A chambered in 7.62 NATO (.308 Win). The adjustable cheekpiece on the McMillan M3A stock positions the head for an optimum cheek weld. The stock is designed to shoot with […]

2A Rights for Convicted Felons?

Discussion of not banning firearms possession for non-violent felons over at The Volokh Conspiracy. For what it’s worth, Murdoc believes that this needs to be looked at hard. If someone is okay enough to freed, the burden should be on the state to deny him or her his right to keep an bear arms. And […]

Chain Gun

Rummel has the rundown on a so-called 20-shot revolver. I had never seen one of these before. [ lamictal 50mg pills $122.00 | brand drug generic name viagra | gestanin 5mg pills $258.00 | ceftin 500mg pills $261.00 | levlen ethinyl estradiol 0.03mg + levonorgestrel 0.15mg pills $158.00 | cream female viagra | prothiaden 75mg […]