Month: March 2011

Bushnell Offers Elite Series Handgun Scope

The Bushnell Elite series handgun scope offers pistol and revolver shooters a tough, high quality scope designed to handle the heavy recoil of hunting loads. The scope is forged from tough T5056 aluminum and built to withstand heavy use. The multi-coated lenses feature Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Coating, providing optimum brightness, true color across the […]

Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop.

Couple recount fatal fray at their Tierra Verde home 25-year-old beauty pageant winner: Meghan Brown had fired her pink .38-caliber handgun only inside a shooting range. Even there, she said, she wasn’t very good. The 2009 Miss Tierra Verde, 25 and a slender brunet, had trouble pulling back the trigger. When she did manage, she […]

‘A soldier for freedom and truth’

Haaris Khan is a complete jackass: Student investigated for hateful tweets Canada (via Instapundit): The McGill administration is currently investigating Haaris Khan, a McGill student who, using Twitter, threatened to shoot a roomful of other students last week at a campus film screening. Khan made the threats at a screening of “Indoctrinate U,” a documentary, […]

OC coming to Florida

Florida’s ‘open carry’ gun bill clears another hurdle The House Criminal Justice Subcommittee voted 10-3 for the proposal by Rep. Chris Dorworth, R-Lake Mary, over the objections of law-enforcement lobbyists and representatives of retail merchants. Dorworth said his bill is only intended to protect licensed concealed-weapons carriers who inadvertently show their weapons. Marion Hammer, the […]

Residents in Surrey and Kent villages have been ordered by police to remove wire mesh from their windows as burglars could be injured

You can’t make this up: Home owners in the villages of Tandridge and Tatsfield in Surrey and in Westerham, Brasted and Sundridge in Kent have said they are furious that they are being branded ‘criminals’ for protecting their property. Locals had reinforced their windows with wire mesh after a series of shed thefts but were […]

Shock Toy

I found this in a list of 10 Dangerous Ways to Amuse Yourself: Electric Baton Shock /Tricky Toy with Flashlight Looks like a Taser, works like one of those oldschool handshake zappers: Ideal joke and monster toy. Get an electric shock by touching the baton when you touch the shock button. Reusable and not dangerous […]