Month – July 2011

Versa Carry Holster

Check out Richard Mann’s video at Empty Cases. [ uk viagra sales | viagra cialis cheap | viagra uk purchase | viagra in spain | rx generic viagra | viagra generic brand | price cialis | ordering viagra overnight delivery | buy viagra china | viagra sale online | buy viagra low cost | cheapest […]

Norway Weapons

Sebastian: Norway Killer Used Mini-14 and Glock 17 Days of our Trailers: Media Matters Lying. But he repeats himself. Arma Borealis: Killer didn’t use Dum Dum Bullets Sebastian again: VPC has a new white paper out “The Glock: A Favorite of Mass Shooters.” And also cops. [ viagra dosage | viagra femele | cialis soft […]

‘We know it failed, they know it failed.’

The Assault Weapons Ban: How Silly Was It? (Part Two) Bob Owens on Pajamas Media. Also see Part One here. [ cheap viagra | viagra benefits side effects | viagra pill | viagra cheap prescription | viagra levitra | viagra alternative | viagra for sale | next day viagra delivery | herbal viagra uk | […]