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Month – July 2011

ATFE Investigates U.S. Army’s Lost AK-74s

I Feel So Much Better Now We’ve heard plenty about the ‘seepage’ of arms from the Mexican army and police forces into criminal hands, but we’re not quite so used to it happening here at home. When twenty-six AK-74 rifles and one Dragunov sniper rifle went missing from a U.S. Army storage depot at Fort […]

Alert Gun Store Clerk Alerts Authorities to Would-Be Bomber

Law enforcement got a tip on Private First Class Naser Jason Abdo, apparently planning to bomb Ft. Hood, from the owners of a Texas gun store: Gun Store Clerk: ‘There Was Clearly Something Wrong With Him’ Local police were initially alerted to Abdo by the owners of Guns Galore who reported him as “suspicious.” A […]

Norway Weapons

Sebastian: Norway Killer Used Mini-14 and Glock 17 Days of our Trailers: Media Matters Lying. But he repeats himself. Arma Borealis: Killer didn’t use Dum Dum Bullets Sebastian again: VPC has a new white paper out “The Glock: A Favorite of Mass Shooters.” And also cops.

‘Proceedings are being contemplated’

Thief who broke into widow’s home wants HER jailed because she had antique gun under her bed A THIEF wants his victim to be prosecuted for having a gun in her house. Guy Whitelaw broke into the 63-year-old widow’s home and stole jewellery and £1700 in cash. He also grabbed a wooden box from the […]