Month: August 2011

But what about all the shoot-outs between drunks?

Gun crimes drop at Virginia bars and restaurants during the first year of a new state law that allows patrons with permits to carry concealed guns into alcohol-serving businesses. The number of major crimes involving firearms at bars and restaurants statewide declined 5.2 percent from July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2011, compared with the […]

Riot Shootings

Have strict gun control laws spared the UK from the violence of American-style riots? Compared to similar outbreaks of unrest in the United States, like the 1992 riots in Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict, there has been relatively little loss of life. In LA, 53 people died; in the UK, four were dead […]

Bill to abolish ‘Bad Guys Only’ gun zones

Ron Paul Introduced Pro-gun Legislation Texas Congressman and GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul continues to champion constitutional rights. His latest endeavor is a bill that would abolish “gun-free zones,” ultimately permitting teachers to carry firearms on school grounds. Predictably, anti-gun groups are calling the legislation “extremist.” CNS News reports, “H.R. 2613, the Citizens Protection Act […]


Lockdown on Va. Tech campus after gunman possibly spotted The campus of Virginia Tech, the site of a 2007 mass shooting that left 33 people dead, was under lockdown Thursday after juveniles attending a summer camp told authorities they had seen a man carrying what looked like a gun. “Out of an abundance of caution, […]

A Decade Gone

After 10 Years In Prison, Cory Maye Comes Home This party was a long time coming. Maye was arrested in 2001, the day after Christmas, for killing Prentiss, Mississippi, police officer Ron Jones during a botched drug raid on Maye’s home. Maye, now 30, was convicted in 2004 of capital murder, or the intentional killing […]


Chandler man accidentally shoots himself in groin According to the police report, the man had his fiancee’s pink pistol tucked in the front waistband of his pants when the gun accidentally fired. The bullet hit the man’s penis and then went through one of his legs. According to the on-scene reporter: “It hit him squarely […]