Gee, ya think?

Giuliani faces tough crowd at NRA conference
Members worry about GOP candidate’s track record as New York mayor

Rudy in DC:

Most members of the gun lobby who attended Friday’s “A Celebration of American Values” conference said they were encouraged by Giuliani’s appearance and what he said about support for gun rights. But most also said they were concerned about his track record supporting gun control as mayor of New York City, and favored other candidates in the Republican presidential primary.

Giuliani may end up being the Republican party’s choice, but he’s not the ideal pro-gun rights candidate by a long shot. He’s saying the right things now, but his history speaks differently.

Has he decided to change positions to win more support? It’s possible, of course, but it’s going to take a lot of convincing.

Marine with an M4

marine m4 carbine

Sgt. Kerry Williams, squad leader, monitors the progress of his squad as they assault up to an enemy position during a live-fire range. Marines from Battalion Landing Team 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, spent three days in the field perfecting small unit leadership through various exercises. Marines practiced leading squads and fire teams on patrols, taking enemy fire, closing with their foe and using their fire power to win the battle at Fort Pickett, Va., Sept. 16-18. Infantry units focus on a decentralized leadership style that allows them to be more agile on the battlefield. Photo by: Cpl. Randall A. Clinton

Note the M4 carbine. The Marines are shifting away from 9mm pistols.