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Pizza Guy

Via The Armed Citizen: Man attempts to rob pizza delivery man A would be robber got more than he bargained for when he tried to hold up a pizza delivery driver. As FOX10 News reporter Renee Dials explains, the robber found himself looking down the barrel of the intended victim’s gun. It was an ambush […]

Tactical Error

Woman Brings Knife To A Gun Fight Mobile police say 40-year-old Terry Guidry tried to rob the M&D Coin Laundry on Bellingrath Road in Theodore Thursday morning. But when she pulled out a knife, the owner of the laundromat pulled out her gun and Guidry ran. The would-be robber found more success about two hours […]

Bushmaster for Alabama Department of Public Safety

Alabama DPS Chooses Bushmaster Carbines After extensive evaluation, the department selected Bushmaster due to its accuracy, durability and overall performance. John DeSantis, President and General Manager of Bushmaster Firearms, said “We are extremely proud of the reputation our rifles have in the law enforcement community. We continue to produce our rifle barrels with high-quality steel […]

More on the Troops in Alabama

Yesterday I pointed out the story about questions surrounding some Army MPs on the streets of Samson, AL, after the recent shooting spree. Milblogger Greyhawk points this out: Tucker commander of the Alabama Bureau of Investigation], who said he was in Samson for several hours on the night in question, actually stopped to talk to […]


Over at Say Uncle: More on the recent mass shootings He’s got a number of important points. Here’s part of one: The Brady Bunch wasted little time dancing in the blood of the dead. They were quick to point out that Alabama, with it’s low Brady Grade, was, naturally, a place where such a violent […]