Congresswoman Giffords Shot in Tucson


Gabrielle Giffords, a congresswoman from Arizona, was shot in the head on Saturday at a public event held at a grocery store in Tucson, her spokesman, C. J. Karamargin, said. Others at the event, including members of her staff, were among the injured.

Her condition was unknown. She was taken to University Medical Center in Tucson, the trauma center for the area, about 10 miles away. Even though NPR and CNN reported that she had been killed, Darci Slater, a hospital spokeswoman, said that Ms. Giffords was in surgery.

In the NPR report:

A congressional official told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity that the gunman was using an automatic weapon.

Now it’s a Tea Party flag

Not too long ago, those showing the Gadsden Flag were potential domestic terrorists. Now they’re Tea Party members.

Ariz. man battles neighbors over tea party-linked flag

The Gadsden flag is not on the approved list of the local homeowners’ association. Homeowners’ associations are an issue of their own, in Murdoc’s humble opinion.

When Murdoc was a kid, he had a stack of Gadsden flag stickers and after slapping a few on the red shelves in his bedroom, he saved the rest for special things. More recently, he had a rattlesnake “ribbon” magnet for his car, but some nice person borrowed it a while back and forgot to return it.

Plus, this bit cracks me up:

He notes that the banner, the Gadsden flag, has been widely used over the years and was even featured on the cover of a rock album. “Am I a Metallica fan because I’m using the flag?” he asked.

Over at Murdoc Online, I’ve displayed the “Don’t Tread On Me” First Navy Jack for years. When someone sent me a flag and I took it into work, a co-worker asked me if I was aware that Metallica had written a song called “Don’t Tread on Me” way back in 1990 or 1991.

For what it’s worth, the redesign of the GunPundit site puts the Gadsden flag in the header. Good thing my site isn’t part of any homeowners’ associations.

Arizona Pizza Huts Change Customer Carry Policy

Pizza Huts shift gears on firearms possession:

The company that owns most of Southern Arizona’s Pizza Huts has reversed policy and is allowing customers to carry firearms into the restaurants if they are legal possessors.

Patrick McKinney, vice president of operations for Tucson-based Pizza Hut of Arizona, said he began reconsidering the company’s policy of prohibiting guns after reading a newspaper article about the state’s new concealed-carry law.

That law, which goes into effect July 29, allows people 21 or older (and not prohibited from having a firearm) to carry a concealed gun without a permit.

McKinney and his staff held a meeting about the issue and began to remove the restaurants’ signs banning firearms during the first week of June, he said in a written reply to questions.

The policy for employees, the one which prohibits guns, remains unchanged.

The issue of customers with firearms is confronting private business owners as Arizona’s gun laws become more liberal, and as gun-rights advocates press for public acceptance of carried firearms.

The issue may be particularly poignant in the case of Tucson Pizza Huts. In 1999, three employees of a Pizza Hut near the corner of East Broadway and Pantano roads were shot to death in an attempted robbery by two teens.

“We will never forget the tragedy of those murders in 1999 and what happened may have shaped our feelings about guns forever,” McKinney wrote.

I don’t understand what two robbers with guns has to do with customers (or employees, for that matter)  with guns. But it’s pretty much par for the course.

In Arizona County, Of 64 Highway Chases Last Month, Not One Perp a U.S. Citizen


Last month alone, just in one patrol region, we had sixty-four pursuits. That means people who were driving a vehicle, failed to yield, took off like a bat out of hell, running red lights, creating traffic wrecks, numerous people were killed in these wrecks over the last several months, and who are these people? Not one of them was a U.S. citizen.

Owen ‘Buz’ Mills running for Governor

NRA board member to run for Ariz. governor

Gunsite owner going for the top spot in the Grand Canyon State:

A political unknown has thrown nearly $2.1 million of his own cash into his bid to become governor, a move that could change the landscape of the race.

Owen Buz Mills, a member of the National Rifle Association board of directors, filed a report with the Secretary of State’s Office this week detailing the funding.

Your Lies Are Showing Again

This is brilliant.

One thing I wonder about, though, is the amount of exposure with the general population this will get. Sure, it’s showing up on lots of gun blogs and lots of Conservative blogs, but that’s mostly preaching to the choir.

Legacy Media has lost its monopoly but it still retains a lot of its power. While we laugh about this and rightly congratulate those who put it together and spread the word, we need to remember that the biggies are still biggies. Things are changing (mostly for the better) but they’ve got a long ways to go.

I still maintain that gun owners should proceed with caution when it comes to open carrying to political events like this, but it sure is nice to see some liars de-fanged so effectively.

Via Sebastian.

UPDATE: Americans for Limited Government is calling for heads.

MORE: Guns in Crowds

After reading some of the comments on today’s earlier post and musings at other places, here are a couple more thoughts:

For the record, I don’t disapprove of the tool. As usual with guns and other tools, it’s the person who I’m not entirely certain about.

Here’s how I see it:

Best Case Scenario: A few people get a little educated about a few gun laws and a few voters (and maybe even a couple of politicians) realize that many Americans in general and some gun owners in particular are very serious about today’s issues.

Worst Case Scenario: Some nut job or agent provocateur does something very very bad. It could even be some sort of honest mistake. Very very bad shift in public opinion in the wake of the tragedy is followed by very very bad legislation. You know that a lot of gun grabbers are wild with anticipation over exactly this sort of thing.

The actual result is likely to be somewhere in between, which means that the upside will be barely noticeable.

Sure, points will have been made. Those points will be remembered for about three minutes, unless it’s a point good for the anti-gun crowd, in which case the point will be remembered forever and ever as a basic truth about guns. Like the basic truth about how guns are twice as likely to kill a family member as an intruder in a home defense situation and the basic truth about how no one needs a semi-automatic assault weapon for anything except killing people.

The media will decide how the story is told. For those that think the media is dead and a wonderful new age is here, look at who’s in the White House today and look at how he got there. It wasn’t Kos who put him there.

For what it’s worth, I also think it probably wouldn’t be constructive to carry swords, pitchforks, axes, spiked clubs, or baseball bats at these events.

UPDATE: Sebastian has a very good round-up of links on this issue and some good commentary. I weighed in in the comments section and don’t have time to rail on at length here, so go read.

Here’s one snippet:

As often happens in debates of important issues, arguing against one extreme position gives the impression that the arguer holds the other extreme position. That is not the case. If I don’t think it’s GREAT that people are doing this, it doesn’t mean I (or Sebastian, for that matter) think it’s TERRIBLE.

Over the years Murdoc’s been in countless debates like this. For the record, because those who disagree with my opinion on this seem to be insisting otherwise, Murdoc fully supports Open Carry.