Arizona Senate Bill 1214


Proposed bill OKs guns in schools
Proposal would allow permit holders to carry

Individuals with a concealed-weapons permit would be allowed to bring their guns onto school grounds under a measure introduced Friday at the Arizona Legislature.

The proposal, Senate Bill 1214, would exempt concealed-carry permit holders from a state law that bars individuals from knowingly carrying deadly weapons onto school property. If it becomes law, the measure would allow teachers and anyone else with a valid permit to carry their weapon onto the grounds of any public or private K-12 school, college or university in the state.

This would obviously be big news if it passed. It’s clear that simple rules to keep all guns out of schools have failed utterly and that the total lack of defense for law-abiding citizens is beginning to get old.

Phoenix Democrat David Lujan and president of the Phoenix Union High School District board, predictably, is “uncomfortable with having weapons on school campuses”:

In the context of a school shooting, for example, he said the prospect of additional weapons in the hands of faculty or even students could “exacerbate the situation” when police arrive on scene and are trying to quickly identify the assailant.

In the context of a school shooting, “when police arrive” usually means after all the killing is over.

The comments section is full of loons, but this one is a keeper:

As a gun owner I am a strong supporter of the second amendment and CCW in AZ….BUT…do we truly need to allow parents to bring weapons to school to truly prove “whose dad is tougher”?

Right. I’ll believe that guy is a “strong supporter of the second amendment and CCW in AZ” when the streets run red with blood.

John Ray in Australia says

Expect heated debate.

You can say that again.