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Driver Hits, Kills Mountain Lion in Conn. A driver struck a mountain lion in Milford, Conn. early Saturday morning and officials believe it is the animal that has eluded authorities in Greenwich. Sigred Lacson of Newington, was traveling on Route 15 northbound, just north of exit 55 in Milford, around 1:30 a.m. and hit the […]


Up To 8-Foot Long, 160-Pound Mountain Lion On The Loose In Greenwich, Conn. An unusually large mountain lion has been spotted in the Greenwhich suburbs. Predictably, Greenwich Conservation director Denise Savageau said that if anyone happens upon a suspected mountain lion, they should, “Act large, stand up tall, wave your arms and make noises. Don’t […]

Killer’s Side of the Story

Book Details Komisarjevsky’s Version Of Cheshire Murders Author Brian McDonald has written a book telling Joshua Komisarjevsky’s side of the story of the brutal 2007 rape, kidnapping, and killing of the wife and two daughters of Dr. William A. Petit in Chesire, Connecticut. McDonald corresponded and visited with Komisarjevsky to get the whole story. Here’s […]

Teleconference in the Killer

Prisons beefing up teleconferencing to save money It costs the state of Connecticut at least $1,600 every time multiple murder suspect Joshua Komisarjevsky appears in a courtroom. Despite his slight build and boyish appearance, Komisarjevsky is classified as a high security inmate, facing charges of murder, rape and arson from a 2007 home invasion in […]

Three Strikes

Dr. William Petit, whose wife and two daughters were killed by two career criminals in Cheshire, CT, last year, has become an activist for the “Three Strike Law.” The law would five a mandatory life sentence on anyone convicted for the third time for a violent felony. Petit’s wife and youngest daughter were raped. The […]