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Diverting 911 Funds

Cash-strapped states raid 911 funds More than $200 million collected from cell phone users for upgrades to the 911 system has been diverted in the last two years to plug state budget holes, keep campaign promises and, in at least one case, buy police uniforms, an Associated Press analysis has found. Never, ever rely only […]

Tough week for pizza guys

Got google alerts for all of these stories today: South Haven, MI: Pizza delivery driver robbed at gunpoint Portsmouth, VA: Pizza delivery driver robbed at gunpoint in Portsmouth New Castle County, DE: Delivering pizzas downright dangerous Akron, OH: One of the females made arrangements for a pizza delivery driver to be at a location so […]

Databases in Delaware

Jeff Soyer: Cops Fish Mental Health Records In a good piece of investigative reporting, the Delaware News Journal has uncovered the fact that state police there routinely access databases intended only to be used at the time of a firearm purchase. Even for that, it’s being abused. The story is here: Gun checks may violate […]

Even in Delaware

Sebastian points us to a story with a happy ending: Victim shoots man during robbery try An armed robber who tried to stick up a man Monday night ended up getting shot when the victim pulled out his own gun, police said. Says a commenter: What a heartwarming story for the Holiday Season. It is […]

It’s cool to rob Pizza Guys

Police: Delivery drivers targeted Delaware: Since Oct. 31 there has been a rash of holdups in northern New Castle County targeting food deliverymen. Five of the seven robberies and one failed attempt have occurred in the past week, most recently Monday night. The article offers a number of safety tips. Don’t bother looking. None of […]

Open Carry in Delaware

Sebastian notes success on the street, which doesn’t always translate from legal rights. Noted is the fact that open carry often isn’t tactically sound, but just as successful use of a gun in self-defense doesn’t always mean pulling the trigger, successful deterrence doesn’t always mean even drawing. For deterrence to work, the enemy needs to […]