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Another Iguana Fan Weighs In

Murdoc hopes you will indulge a little more illustration of the fan mail he receives about iguana hunting posts. This one was from an expert on feral lizards: JUST SO YOU EXPERTS KNOW HOW THEY GOT TOO FLORIDA THEY CAME ACROSS THE OCEAN ON DRIFT WOOD I HAVE 22 LIZARDS SO I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT […]

Campus Carry

Students, Guns and Politics: New legislation in Arizona, Texas, Florida, Nebraska, New Mexico and Oklahoma would legalize the “concealed carry” of weapons on college campuses, and many student governments in those states are mobilizing against the bills. Meanwhile, the few other campuses that already allow weapons are waiting to see whether this year marks a […]

Auto Market Stimulus Murdoc can Support

Get an AK-47 With Your Truck Purchase at One Florida Dealership After purchasing a truck from a Sanford, Fla., dealership, customers get a voucher for a gun shop, which will fill out the required federal and state forms and perform a background check. If you pass, you’ll be entitled to a gun. And if you’re […]

Feedback on Florida Iguana Hunting

Over at Murdoc Online, I’ve been subjected to all sorts of harassment, ignorant commentary, and uninformed drivel about politics and the war. Here at GunPundit, though, most commenters are surprisingly rational. Sure, a few wackos chime in every now and then, but it’s mostly pretty solid conversation and reasonable debate. Except for the posts on […]

Pet Amnesty Day in Miami

Jim Shepard’s editorial in today’s Outdoor Wire concerns tomorrow’s Nonnative Pet Amnesty Day at Miami’s MetroZoo: “Our main purpose is to give pet owners an alternative to releasing nonnative animals into the wild,” says Jenny Tinnell, FWC biologist. “It’s illegal to release a nonnative animal into the wild in Florida, and it could be detrimental […]