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Trying to get Open Carry out of Kroger Grocery

Kroeger Open Carry

Lansing, Michigan: Group calls for open-carry ban at Frandor Kroger Eight women, including East Lansing resident Linda Brundage, asked shoppers to shop elsewhere until Kroger prohibits customers from openly carrying guns. Protesters were members of the nationwide Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America. Brundage heads the group’s mid-Michigan chapter. Kroger’s 124 stores and […]

GA Tech

GA Tech students push for guns on campus A recent spike in crime on a university campus in Atlanta has renewed the debate about students being allowed to carry guns. Robert Eager and Kyle Wilkins are leading the charge to bring guns to Georgia Tech’s campus with their campaign Students for Concealed Carry. Via Instapundit.


Good: 12 states on path to guns with no permits Colorado, Iowa, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota and Virgina have no-permit-needed legislation in the works. They’d join Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming. South Dakota is just waiting for the governor’s signature.


700K Ecstasy tabs seized, Customs agent arrested Prosecutors in Georgia say they have seized 700,000 tabs of Ecstasy and have charged a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent along with 13 others in what they say was a large-scale drug trafficking scheme… Customs agent Devon Samuels is charged with laundering drug money, smuggling cash and […]

Glock Sponsors USPSA Area 6 Pistol Championship

US Practical Shooting Association: The 2010 pistol shooting championship season kicks off with the U.S. Practical Shooting Association’s (USPSA) Area 6 Pistol Championship and once again Georgia-based firearms maker Glock has been named the overall match sponsor. The Area 6 region includes the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. […]

Q-Ship Pizza Guys

Here’s another bit on the Pizza Guy issue: Southside precinct officers go undercover to prevent robberies Savannah cops posing as delivery drivers in hopes of catching criminals in the act. Or at least making them think twice before robbing someone. Navies have used “Q-ships,” vessels that look like merchant ships but are well-armed with concealed […]