No-Gun Signs are ‘Disturbing’ to School Officials

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No Guns Allowed
No Guns Allowed

While complying with state law isn’t a point of contention, some school administrators find the sticker’s image to be a bit alarming.

“One of my biggest concerns as a principal is safety and security,” Tinley Park High School Principal Theresa Nolan said. “It is bothersome to have to post a sticker of a gun that says, ‘Hey, folks, leave your guns at home.’

“I would have appreciated something more subtle, yet still recognizable — a logo, perhaps, not a gun,” she said

She’s worried that parents will think that the new no-gun signs mean guns used to be allowed. And that seeing the image of the gun will remind people of Sandy Hook.

Seriously. Murdoc’s not making that up.

Remembering Chicago’s victims

While Aurora gets the headlines:

Yet more than twice as many people have been murdered this month in the president’s hometown of Chicago than were killed in the Aurora shooting. They are just statistics for whom there will be no presidential visits or flags flown at half staff.

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Well, since Chicago already has very strict gun control, these deaths can’t be turned to political use.

One of the few backwards states left

(Heh. “Left.”)

District Court Upholds Illinois Total Ban on Carrying Guns

The district court reasoned that even a total ban on carrying guns for self-defense outside the home should be judged under “intermediate scrutiny,” and the ban passes because “[t]he State of Illinois has determined that, for purposes of protection of its residents, a citizen’s interest in carrying a firearm in public should be subject to the governmental interest in safeguarding the welfare of the public at large from the inherent dangers in a loaded firearm.”

That Old West must have been a lot more peaceful than in the movies…

June 2008:

“Does this lead to everyone having a gun in our society?” [Chicago Mayor Richard] Daley asked while speaking at a Navy Pier event. “If [the justices] think that’s the answer, then they’re greatly mistaken. Then why don’t we do away with the court system and go back to the Old West, you have a gun and I have a gun and we’ll settle it in the streets?”


Newly released data for Chicago shows that, as in Washington, murder and gun crime rates didn’t rise after the bans were eliminated — they plummeted. They have fallen much more than the national crime rate…

In the first six months of this year, there were 14% fewer murders in Chicago compared to the first six months of last year – back when owning handguns was illegal. It was the largest drop in Chicago’s murder rate since the handgun ban went into effect in 1982.

Meanwhile, the other four most populous cities saw a total drop at the same time of only 6 percent.
Similarly, in the year after the 2008 “Heller” decision, the murder rate fell two-and-a-half times faster in Washington than in the rest of the country.

Shockingly, this doesn’t seem to have registered on the national media’s radar.

Next thing you know, people will start getting skeptical about the evening news

TV Station Takes Four-Year-Old Child’s Quote Out of Context

A Chicago television station is being blasted by civil rights leaders and news media professionals for airing edited video of a 4-year-old boy that took his statements out of context, violating the basics of journalism ethics.

The Maynard Institute published a story on July 21 detailing how Chicago CBS station WBBM ran a story about the June 29 shooting of two teenagers in the Park Manor neighborhood.

A freelance photographer interviewed the youngster about whether the shooting frightened him. The station aired the portion of the interview in which the boy responded by saying he was not afraid and wanted his own gun.

However, it failed to air the portion of the child’s quote in which he said he wanted a gun because he planned to be a police officer.

But not so easy to get people scared of guns that way.

How did she even get a gun in Chicago?

Woman’s bullets fell out of gun just before she tried to shoot cop

Shandra Kidd didn’t realize her gun was empty when she tried to shoot a Chicago Police officer.

All the bullets fell out when she was running from the officer.

Unfortunately for her, the officer’s gun was loaded. And the officer shot her in the buttocks.

That was in 2007. She tried twice to shoot the cop at point-blank range. Kidd was just sentenced to 55 years in prison.

Predictable comment:


And as for this jai term-55 years seems excessive.

Um, in Chicago guns ARE banned.

The commenter thinks a more “reasonable” jail term with “education and counselling” would be a better way to go.

What the gun control lobby doesn’t want you to know

Meant to post this a while back but didn’t get around to it until I noticed it linked somewhere today:
The Unconcealed Truth About Carrying Guns

Steve Chapman writes about the discussion of concealed carry in Illinois and the predictions of blood running in the streets that the antis are making. Murdoc hasn’t always agreed with everything Chapman has written, but on this one I’ll give a thumbs up.

36 states now have “shall issue” concealed carry and 4 more don’t require a permit at all. Only 2, Illinois and Wisconsin, have no form of concealed carry permit available for normal folks.