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WARNING: We Don’t Dial 911

Pizza Driver, Would-Be Robbers Exchange Gunfire Indianapolis: Two would-be robbers and a pizza delivery driver exchanged gunfire early Thursday morning after the men tried to rob the worker, police said…One of the men fired a shot at the driver, but missed. The driver also had a gun and fired back. Indianapolis police said they don’t […]


Indiana Supreme Court Allows Gary Gun Lawsuit to Proceed to Trial In a very rare win for a city against a gun manufacturer, the Indiana Supreme Court has ruled that a lawsuit by the City of Gary can proceed to trial. These lawsuits have been uniformly rejected on various grounds, including standing. Yet, Gary with […]

Where is this gun show?

Fran Quigley: Glock 23 fully automatic pistols, Uzi nine millimeters, Colt 44 magnum Anacondas. Some cost less than $100. Fully auto Glock 23s? Really? Then there this from the writer’s companion: He points to a Springfield XD 9 millimeter semi-automatic pistol. “Not legal in California,” the box reads. “The only things these are used to […]

‘If you see something, say something’

And I see someone making ignorant comments about the Assault Weapons Ban. Mike Westervelt, a junior in the College of Liberal Arts at Purdue has something to say in The Exponent, Purdue’s independent college newspaper: I have noisy neighbors; that I can deal with. And if I discovered one of my neighbors had pot in […]


Police: Man Shot Himself In Genitals During Robbery Indiana: Kokomo police said they were called to a Village Pantry store at 100 North Ohio Street at about 4:20 a.m. after a clerk at the store called them. The female clerk told police that a man came into the store with a semiautomatic handgun and demanded […]