There’s Nothing Special About a Gun Show

Vuurwapen Blog:

People who’ve never been to a gun show should take the title literally – there is really nothing special about a gun show. From a legal standpoint, what occurs inside a gun show is no different than what occurs in a gun store or at a shooting range or even under a tree on Christmas morning.

Once Murdoc thought he had accidentally parked in the middle of the infamous loophole, but it turned out to be just a broken section of the parking lot. I don’t spend a lot of time at gun shows. I check out some local ones once in a while, but it’s not a big deal and they generally don’t have enough stuff worth the trip.

If all the stuff I keep hearing about being available was actually available, you can bet I’d make time.

UPDATE: Alphecca notes a Wichita gun show with thousands of attendees and 8 protestors. The protestors got the news coverage, of course.

“We need to have a dialogue about are we going to get serious about making our community and our nation safer or continue to have just basic wide open OK corale [sic] shoot out,” [protest organizer Micheael Poage] added.

Uh, Michael, where are these basic wide-open OK Corral shootouts happening?

23 State Attorneys General To Attorney General Holder: “No Semi-Auto Ban”

Via the NRA-ILA:

On June 11, the top law enforcement officials of nearly half the states signed a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, expressing their opposition to reinstatement of the federal ban on semi-automatic firearms.

“We share the Obama Administration’s commitment to reducing illegal drugs and violent crime within the United States. We also share your deep concern about drug cartel violence in Mexico. However, we do not believe that restricting law-abiding Americans’ access to certain semi-automatic firearms will resolve any of these problems,” the letter said.

The letter notes congressional opposition to bringing back the ban, and calls for increasing enforcement of existing laws.

We encourage NRA members to let these state officials know we appreciate them standing up to the incessant clamor for gun control that is currently coming from anti-gun groups and their media allies.

The 23 state Attorneys General, in alphabetical order, by state, are:
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Post-tornado confiscations in Kansas?

This is the first I’ve ever heard of this: Guns confiscated after KS tornado

Greensburg, Kansas:

The tornado happened at 9:46pm on Friday evening, May 4, 2007 and they were forced to leave within a couple hours of it, being given no time to collect themselves or assess the damages or even try to pick up anything such as guns and valuables. Ed Klummp, Police Chiefs Association, testified at the House committee hearing with a position opposing The Emergency Powers Act and said the evacuations were so they could search for bodies and shut off gas and power and that the evacuation was for the safety of the residents. I have been told by a reliable source that the electricity was shut off prior to the tornado striking and the gas was shut off within a few hours after. It would seem that the evacuation was not necessary in light of that information.

With homeowners removed from their property, the fun began:

Many guns and other valuables such as jewelry have gone permanently missing and have never been recovered. There were some houses that were not destroyed and were in tact and habitable. Those folks did not want to leave but were forced to do so. When they returned they found their houses had been broken in to and all of their guns missing. One gentleman reports that when he went to claim his guns, taken from his secure home, they were returned to him in damaged condition. They were not damaged by the tornado. They were locked up in his home and illegally confiscated.

He was not alone:

When people first came to collect their guns they were asked for proof of ownership such as receipts and serial number lists and they had to fill out a 4473 and get a NICS approval before they could claim their guns. No one had paperwork, receipts, or lists of serial numbers because it had all blown away. Later into the process they quit demanding these items and asked only for a list with make, model and description of the firearm. In one case, in the collection trailer, a gun case was claimed by one man who had a very nice trap shotgun in it and when he opened the undamaged and closed case, he found not his nice BT99 but another damaged gun that did not belong to him. That $1500.00 BT99 has never turned up.

Even if only a quarter of the claims are accurate, this is unbelievable.

Unfortunately, “unbelievable” is only a figure of speech and not a statement of actual disbelief. Sadly, it sounds all too familiar. We’re way past the point where law enforcement agencies get the benefit of the doubt in situations like this.

Gun Confiscation After Katrina

Police took one person’s pistol and smashed it on the curb? Police said that they didn’t have time to write receipts for firearms that they were confiscating? Police knocked around a little old lady because she had an unloaded .22 handgun?

Yes they did.

House Bill 2811, meanwhile, has been introduced in Kansas. If passed, it would prevent the State of Kansas from confiscating or registering any lawfully owned firearms during a declared state of emergency. Other states, including Wyoming and Pennsylvania, are looking at similar legislation.

And then there’s New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin, simply known as The Idiot, and Police Superintendent Warren Riley, the Idiot’s Henchman, demonstrating that they don’t know how to handle guns, only steal them:

Idiot And Henchman

I wonder if those are government weapons or if they’re smiling so much because they’re freebies from the Great New Orleans Gun Grab.

What’s up with Kansas?

A couple of interesting items in Kansas:

LEAVENWORTH – A 27-year-old Leavenworth man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after he reportedly attacked his stepfather and stabbed him repeatedly with the handle of a toilet plunger.

When they outlaw toilet plungers, only outlaws will have toilet plungers.

KANSAS CITY, KAN. – A 52-year-old man filling up his mother’s car with gas wrested a handgun from a carjacker Saturday.

Two men confronted the victim about 12:40 p.m. in the 5500 block of Leavenworth Road and asked for change; then one pulled a gun, wanting the car, too. The victim grabbed the gun and fired at the car as the assailants sped away, hitting it once. Police found the car minutes later.

A 52-year old took a gun from carjackers. And shot at them with it as they sped away. Sweet.

Meanwhile, across the river in Kansas City, Missouri: Kansas City official resigns over immigration flap

What’s the flap? She joined the Minutemen last month.