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Sometimes the Pizza Guys are the crooks

I try to keep an eye out for stories about pizza delivery drivers who use guns, which are usually forbidden by company policy, to defend themselves. When a driver returned from a delivery last month, he found his manager tied to a rack and $1000 stolen. The manager reported four masked men entered the store, […]

‘Criminals & Terrorists Welcome!’

Was sorting through some photos last night and realized that I had never posted this shot of the huge billboard along I-90 in Boston just outside of Fenway Park: No ID Required. No Background Checks. Criminals & Terrorists Welcome! What I find most amusing about it is that not only is it NOT accurate as […]

One Per Month

A lethal gun battle The Boston Globe: Will it really kill legal gun owners if we restrict them to one gun purchase a month? It may kill children if we don’t. In some neighborhoods, it’s as easy to get your hands on a pistol as on a bag of Cheetos. We’re battling an epidemic of […]

Boston Police Shoot & Kill Dogs

In the hotel here and just saw a news story about an incident in Boston where a couple of dogs attacked another resident’s poodle. Neighbors claim that the dogs, belonging to someone in the neighborhood, have been terrorizing folks for some time. The poodle’s owner had to pull the dogs off of the little dog […]

Jihad Ain’t Easy

Mass. man planned terror attacks on US malls The three men often discussed their desire to participate in “violent jihad against American interests” and talked about “their desire to die on the battlefield,” prosecutors said. But when they were unable to join terror groups in Iraq, Yemen and Pakistan, they found inspiration in the Washington-area […]

“Off the Street”

Police in Western Massachusetts collect 98 firearms in Gift for Guns program The “gifts for guns” exchange conducted on Saturday at six area drop-off locations netted 98 firearms, including a German World War I pistol and a Japanese World War II rifle. “You could clearly see the relief on those people’s faces” when they turned […]