Plan to put Baltimore ammo sellers out of business

Baltimore Mayoral Candidate Campaigns On $1 per Bullet Tax!


Rolley told a reporter that the tax would curb random shootings, especially around the holidays, by making it too expensive for people to indiscriminately discharge firearms.

That’s so funny Murdoc just about blew milk out his nose. And Murdoc’s not even drinking milk right now.

If this were to go through, all it would do is send ammo buyers outside the city. Duh. No one would ever buy another single round within the tax zone.

It would have no impact on crime at all. Duh.

Student Expelled For Having Tattoo Gun Tool

Zero Sense Policy at work:

Instead of reporting to school each morning, 15-year-old Byron Preston is reporting for work in his father’s barber shop and nail salon. Byron was expelled from Laurel High School three months ago. He was found with a device called a “tattoo gun” in his possession.

A tattoo gun fires no bullets or other projectiles. Like a solder gun or a caulking gun, it is a tool.

“They said it was a weapon because it could inflict bodily harm,” explained the high school sophomore, who added he had no intention of tattooing himself or anyone else. Byron said he just wanted to practice tattooing on pieces of fruit.

P.G. Student Expelled For Having Tattoo Gun Tool:

Decision in Maryland

Eugene Volokh: Highest Court of Maryland Holds That Second Amendment Does Not Protect Carrying (Concealed or Not) of Guns Outside the Home

Here’s the opinion, handed down today, in Williams v. State. The court interprets Heller and McDonald as focused on home possession of guns, arguing that “it is clear that prohibition of firearms in the home was the gravamen of the certiorari questions in both Heller and McDonald and their answers. If the Supreme Court, in this dicta, meant its holding to extend beyond home possession, it will need to say so more plainly.”

I don’t think this analysis is right.

‘May Issue’ is the same as ‘May Not Issue’

If they’ve got the discretion to give you a concealed carry permit they’ve got the discretion to turn you down.

Md. crime victim sues over denial to renew permit to carry concealed handgun

On a snowy Christmas Eve a few years ago, Raymond E. Woollard was watching television with his family when he heard someone tapping at the windows of his Baltimore County farmhouse.

It was not Santa.

An intruder entered, the Woollard went for a shotgun, and a struggle ensued. Fortunately, the homeowner and his son came out on top because the son had a second shotgun. Police arrived an hour later, delayed by icy roads.

As a result of the incident, Woollard was issued a concealed carry permit. However, his request to renew it has been declined.

Police denied his request last year to renew the permit, saying they thought the danger to his life had passed.

The agency said it was “because I hadn’t been attacked” again, Woollard said in an interview. “They said, ‘If you have any problems, you let us know.’ ”

Yeah. Maybe they’ll be there in less than an hour next time.

The intruder, who is Woollard’s son-in-law, has a history of trouble and is now out of prison. He lives only three miles from Woollard.

‘They will honor you because you are doing their work’

How black Baltimore drug dealers are using white supremacist legal theories to confound the Feds

The “Flesh-and-Blood Defense”:

As officers of the court, all defense lawyers are really on the government’s side, having sworn an oath to uphold a vast, century-old conspiracy to conceal the fact that most aspects of the federal government are illegitimate, including the courts, which have no constitutional authority to bring people to trial. The defendants also believed that a legal distinction could be drawn between their name as written on their indictment and their true identity as a “flesh and blood man.”

Don’t forget the incidents of gun deaths in Baltimore.

More on the Balitmore map

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Got this email in response to the post on the Baltimore homicide maps:

If you want to know more about Homicides in Baltimore I recommend reading Homicide: A Year in the Killing Streets by David Simon. He spent a year in the homicide division of Baltimore P.D. He also produced a show about the things he learned called The Wire, which was shown on HBO.

I haven’t read the book, though I’ve heard good things about The Wire.

The sender maintains a map of homicides in Houston.