Bad Wolf-Dog!

New Maine Law Aims To Eliminate Wolf-Dog Hybrids

The law prohibits people from acquiring wolf hybrids without a special wildlife-in-captivity permit, and it requires current owners to have the animals neutered.

Supporters of the law say wolf hybrids have been responsible for numerous brutal attacks around the country, particularly against children. Wolf hybrids are predatory and should be in the wild, said state Sen. David Trahan, who sponsored the bill that outlaws them.

Switchblades in Maine

Maine legalizing switchblades for one-armed people

Maine lawmakers on Wednesday approved legalizing switchblades for people with one arm, moving close to becoming the first state to make such an exception to laws that ban use of the spring-action knives.

Backers of the measure say legalizing switchblades would eliminate a need for one-armed people to be forced to open folding knives with their teeth in emergencies.

The bill to allow amputees and other one-armed people to carry the quick-opening knives cleared Maine’s Senate on Wednesday after passing the House on Tuesday, Senate officials said.

Personally, I’ve never seen the issue with switchblades. I think it’s just another “Oh, no…those are scary!” issues.

Regardless, this move makes sense and I hope it gets other states to follow suit.

They can count more than just by fingers in Maine. Barely.

Proposed Ban on Ammunition Magazine Defeated

On Thursday, January 27, the Maine Legislature’s Legislative Council defeated a measure proposed by state Representative Anne Haskell (D-117), which would have banned the sale of ammunition magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds of ammunition. Since the proposal was requested after the January 7 deadline, the ten person Legislative Council needed to approve the measure before it could be considered by the legislature. The measure failed by a 5 to 5 vote.

It was THAT close. Remember, kids: Elections Matter.

Not Exactly Under the Radar

Those watching things closely may have noticed a trend:

These are all from the past two or three days and aren’t simply re-runs of AP items in different papers. All of these have considerable, if not exclusively, local content. I could easily have included many, many more.

No doubt, the media coverage is feeding the flames a bit. As is the fact that hunting seasons are kicking off or underway in most states right now. But the trend is unmistakable.

It doesn’t seem to be localized to the bitter, clingy parts of the nation. Or to the red states.

Theft victim shoots up suspects’ pickup truck

Vienna, Maine:

All Joe Lord needed to halt a pair of theft suspects was patience and a shotgun.

The 66-year-old man blew apart a Ford pickup truck Tuesday morning and scared away the couple he said had stolen $3,000 worth of scrap iron, steel and aluminum from his machine shop over the weekend.

Taking aim after more than two days without sleep, Lord shot holes in the front tires of the 2008 Ford F-250, blew out the windshield and rear window and shot up the radiator.

He said he would have aimed for the suspects if he would have been able to see them. He couldn’t, so he “disabled the truck.” The driver, a girl who was using her father’s truck, and an accomplice will be charged with theft.

Get this:

Sheriff Liberty said he discourages the use of guns to protect property.

“I can understand the frustration that Mr. Lord must have been experiencing,” [Kennebec County Sheriff Randall] Liberty said. But, he added, “We don’t want to see anyone get hurt over property.”

Sheriff Liberty? It sounds like Mr. Liberty is saying it would be better for the thieves to get away with it. That can’t be right. Can it?

Just so everyone’s clear, Murdoc doesn’t want to see anyone get hurt over property, either. So don’t try to take Murdoc’s property. Because Murdoc will shoot you if he can.

We often hear about people criticized for defending themselves, sometimes by shooting and killing robbers, over property. The saying usually goes something like “Is $20 worth killing someone over?”

Significantly, it’s always someone whose $20 wasn’t at risk who is asking this question.

I consider the question to be more along the lines of “Is $20 worth getting killed over?” And if anyone tries to take my $20, I figure they’ve answered “Why, yes. Yes it is.

Getting your dad’s pickup shot to smithereens and charged with theft is a pretty light consequence when you go against a guy with shotgun and the justification and motivation to use it.