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State agent not charged after gun sale claim

The Badger State: A Wisconsin Department of Justice agent who was accused of illegally manufacturing and selling weapons won’t face criminal charges, according to a letter sent Friday to The Associated Press. Assistant Attorney General Kevin Potter said the agency will now decide whether to launch an internal investigation into Jay Smith. Smith was a […]

Non-Gun Ban

I was just mentioning this sort of thing yesterday, and now Say Uncle points out this in Minnesota: Moorhead City Council votes 5-2 for intial approval of fake gun ordinance On a vote of 5-2 on Monday, Moorhead City Council members gave initial approval to a revised city ordinance that prohibits people from carrying facsimile […]

No Surprise

Testing Minnesota’s gun show loophole I decided to try to buy a gun. To hear the Citizens for a Safer Minnesota tell it, this would be an easy task. I didn’t have a permit, but surely these gun merchants would insist I purchase their wares, federal red tape be damned. As anyone who’s spent much […]

Teaching the Kids to Build Pipe Bombs

Via Uncle: Dad, mom accused of teaching son, friends how to make explosives A Prior Lake couple allegedly thought it would be “a good educational tool” for their son and his friends to learn how to make homemade explosives from PVC pipe and gunpowder. They had no idea, they reportedly said, that the teens would […]

Home Invasion in Minnesota

Truman, Minnesota Two people are assaulted in their home, and the intruder suffers a gunshot wound. The Martin County Sheriff’s Office says it happened last night just before midnight. They say an intruder apparently entered the home of Elmer and Marcella Sauck at 2488 200th Street in rural Martin County. Mrs. Sauck was physically assaulted, […]