23 State Attorneys General To Attorney General Holder: “No Semi-Auto Ban”

Via the NRA-ILA:

On June 11, the top law enforcement officials of nearly half the states signed a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, expressing their opposition to reinstatement of the federal ban on semi-automatic firearms.

“We share the Obama Administration’s commitment to reducing illegal drugs and violent crime within the United States. We also share your deep concern about drug cartel violence in Mexico. However, we do not believe that restricting law-abiding Americans’ access to certain semi-automatic firearms will resolve any of these problems,” the letter said.

The letter notes congressional opposition to bringing back the ban, and calls for increasing enforcement of existing laws.

We encourage NRA members to let these state officials know we appreciate them standing up to the incessant clamor for gun control that is currently coming from anti-gun groups and their media allies.

The 23 state Attorneys General, in alphabetical order, by state, are:
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CCW on Campus: North Dakota

Concealed weapons on campus debated

North Dakota bars bringing permitted concealed weapons to public gatherings and places such as universities, but a measure introduced by Rep. Duane DeKrey, R-Pettibone, would change that. The bill would still prohibit concealed weapons on K-12 campuses.

This is an ongoing effort across the nation, but there has been little headway so far.

Not Exactly Under the Radar

Those watching things closely may have noticed a trend:

These are all from the past two or three days and aren’t simply re-runs of AP items in different papers. All of these have considerable, if not exclusively, local content. I could easily have included many, many more.

No doubt, the media coverage is feeding the flames a bit. As is the fact that hunting seasons are kicking off or underway in most states right now. But the trend is unmistakable.

It doesn’t seem to be localized to the bitter, clingy parts of the nation. Or to the red states.

Empty Holster Week

University of North Dakota and University of Minnesota-Crookston:

Region’s college students wear empty holsters, protest concealed weapon bans

“People with concealed carry permits feel that police aren’t able to defend every single person,” [UMC junior Jared] Hendricks said. “Concealed weapons allow the tables to be a little more even, so we don’t have armed criminals and disarmed citizens everywhere.” Though campus shootings have made big news in the past year, they’re relatively rare, Hendricks acknowledged. But he said it’s still important for students to have the option to carry a weapon.

Lead poisoning in meat

On The Gun Shots: Lead-in-meat ‘study’ unnecessarily alarmist

Andrew McKean:

Maybe a follow-up study should look at practices in commercial meat shops and not implicate hunters who kill animals with lead bullets.

Or maybe a study should investigate the prevalence of lead poisoning in hunters’ families. As in the very real lead-paint epidemic of the 1960s, there should be evidence of the problem in the population.

If I’m poisoning my family, I want to stop. And if bullet-spraying hunters are a public-health menace, let’s discover the depth of the problem and systematically resolve it. But I want to make those decisions based on peer-reviewed science, not alarmist do-gooding.

The scary study was conducted by a dermatologist who is on the board of a non-profit group dedicated to banning lead in certain areas of the coutry. I’d say more research is needed.

Flush-faced Deputy

Deputy Fires Gun in Courthouse Restroom

Fargo police said an investigation determined that his weapon was discharged accidentally.

Authorities said he had hung the gun by its trigger guard, and the gun caught on the hook and discharged into the ceiling when he went to retrieve it.

Sharp as a Marble:

And no, the weapon wasn’t discharged accidentally, it was discharged negligently.

This reminds me of the post over at Rummel’s a while back about CCW and public restrooms.