Veto in NJ

Christie vetoes gun-control legislation he demanded Why the change of heart? Christie claimed that the legislation went farther than he wanted by outlawing even current private ownership of the Barrett, which would have required confiscation of those weapons. However, Christie also argued that the Barrett and other weapons in its class has never been tied […]

Hold on, folks…get a grip

There’s a lot of outrage going around about this story: Cops Charge 7-Year-Old for Bringing Toy Gun to Class Kid charged with possession of a fake firearm after shooting Nerf-style gun However, before everyone goes nuts, remember that this happened in New Jersey. The Nerf-style gun that shoots ping-pong balls probably violates their Assault Weapon […]


Via Uncle comes this: Weapons cache found in home of Rumson man A Rumson man reported to be despondent over financial problems surrendered to police after a cache of weapons — including an illegal assault rifle — was found in his home, authorities said… Removed from the home were two handguns, a 15 round magazine, […]

Pictures of the Flight 1549 Recovery

Not at all gun-related: A great series of pictures forwarded to me by a reader of pulling the jet from the Hudson River. [ how much to buy viagra in pounds | koluba.up2.co.il order viagra | low cost canadian viagra | how much does cialis cost | viagra for woman | viagra mail order uk […]

More on Burress

He surrendered to New York City police this morning, and more details about this incident are emerging: [His lawyer, Benjamin] Brafman said Burress held a gun permit in Florida. Online records show that the permit expired May 21. Even if it were renewed, it would not matter. According to New York law, one must hold […]

No Marshmallow Guns?

What is America coming to? via Sebastian. [ cialis soft | viagra cost | viagra and lisinopril | viagra without prescription | overnight delivery cialis | buy viagra prescription online | link online suggest viagra | buy cialis canada | viagra online consultation | buy discount viagra | cialis overnight delivery | female ingestion of […]

New Jersey’s A2116

Over at Sebastian’s: New Jersey Gun Ban Up For Vote On Monday, November 17, the New Jersey Assembly is scheduled to vote on A2116 — legislation banning most firearms over .50 caliber. Though previously amended in an attempt to address gun owner concerns, the legislation still bans many popular hunting guns, historical firearms, and large […]