Viva Las Vegas

SHOT staying in Las Vegas through at least 2018

The deal to keep the show at Sands Expo extended another year and will mean at least nine straight years in Vegas.

SHOT is the largest firearms trade show in the world and the fifth largest trade show in Las Vegas, and the city must agree with the more than 1,600 exhibitors and the attendees, because it set a third consecutive all-time attendance record this year. Over 67,000 came to the 2014 SHOT Show, an increase of 5,000 over last year’s record crowd.

SHOT Show Las Vegas
SHOT Show Floor in Las Vegas

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Coked Up Stimulus Monkeys

Release from the Sharron Angle campaign:

In the face of the worst recession since the Great Depression, where has the money from Harry Reid’s stimulus bill gone to help our ailing economy? Cocaine-addled monkeys and a million dollars worth of exotic ants, according to a new report out this morning.

“Harry Reid says ‘no one can do more’ for Nevada. We had no idea Harry’s plan of ‘more’ meant spending millions on coked-up monkeys and exotic ants while our state is ravaged by the worst foreclosure rate and highest unemployment rate in the nation,” said Jerry Stacy, spokesman for U.S. Senatorial Sharron Angle.

Other examples of how the stimulus has squandered taxpayer dollars include $750,000 towards creating a YouTube-like computerized dance choreography program; $300,000 to study the effects of “integral yoga” upon hot flashes; and $60,000 to study public perception of stimulus spending.

“Harry Reid promised his $787 billion stimulus bill would create jobs. Instead of creating jobs, this wasteful bill has piled on ‘more’ massive debt and ‘more’ unemployment in Nevada since the bill’s passage,” Stacy said. “Nevada needs a Senator who will fight for economic policies that fosters an environment which encourages real job creation and gets Nevada moving again. That’s Sharron Angle.”

A New Report Out This Morning Highlights The Massive Amounts Of Waste In Harry Reid’s Stimulus Bill:

A Few Examples Of The Waste Highlighted In The Report Include:
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Seized Guns Back on the Street

Pentagon gun was from Memphis police

And so was the gun used in the Las Vegas courthouse shooting.

They were sold or traded to dealers by the Memphis PD in accordance with department policy. Personally, I don’t really see a big problem with this. The criminal is the criminal, not the gun.

The story includes this about the gun used at the Pentagon:

At the Pentagon, gunman John Patrick Bedell carried two 9 mm handguns, one of them a Ruger.

Law enforcement officials say Bedell, a man with a history of severe psychiatric problems, had been sent a letter by California authorities Jan. 10 telling him he was prohibited from buying a gun because of his mental history.

Nineteen days later, the officials say, Bedell bought the Ruger at a gun show in Las Vegas. Such a sale by a private individual does not require the kind of background check that would have stopped Bedell’s purchase.

Is that right? Does Nevada not required checks for private handgun sales? In Michigan you are required by law to have either a Concealed Pistol License or a License To Purchase A Pistol which is valid for only 10 days, even for private transactions.

UPDATE: Uncle:

Oddly, no AP Exclusives when one of the cars that used to be in the impound lot is driven by a drunk driver and takes out a family. Cars, unlike guns, aren’t magical totems.

23 State Attorneys General To Attorney General Holder: “No Semi-Auto Ban”

Via the NRA-ILA:

On June 11, the top law enforcement officials of nearly half the states signed a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, expressing their opposition to reinstatement of the federal ban on semi-automatic firearms.

“We share the Obama Administration’s commitment to reducing illegal drugs and violent crime within the United States. We also share your deep concern about drug cartel violence in Mexico. However, we do not believe that restricting law-abiding Americans’ access to certain semi-automatic firearms will resolve any of these problems,” the letter said.

The letter notes congressional opposition to bringing back the ban, and calls for increasing enforcement of existing laws.

We encourage NRA members to let these state officials know we appreciate them standing up to the incessant clamor for gun control that is currently coming from anti-gun groups and their media allies.

The 23 state Attorneys General, in alphabetical order, by state, are:
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Not Exactly Under the Radar

Those watching things closely may have noticed a trend:

These are all from the past two or three days and aren’t simply re-runs of AP items in different papers. All of these have considerable, if not exclusively, local content. I could easily have included many, many more.

No doubt, the media coverage is feeding the flames a bit. As is the fact that hunting seasons are kicking off or underway in most states right now. But the trend is unmistakable.

It doesn’t seem to be localized to the bitter, clingy parts of the nation. Or to the red states.

Again with the tackling

Robb Allen points a Simple Minded response to the recent Mass Murder stopped by CCW:

Query: Had this good samaritan tackled the shooter, would he be less of a hero? Had he struck the shooter over the head with a beer bottle, would he be less of a hero? There are plenty of other examples, but the point is the same.

in a post titled Gun Anecdote Proves Nothing

And goes on with

The gun doesn’t make the hero. The hero makes the hero. The fact that this person was willing to risk his own welfare to help other people sounds decidedly “liberal”. Maybe only liberals should have guns?

He closes with

An anonymous person stopped a man from killing people by shooting him with a concealed weapon. It proves nothing more than on this occasion, one good man stopped one bad man from doing harm. I too applaud the anonymous man, but this doesn’t prove that all good people should carry guns.

But, um, I guess I’m unfamiliar with the claim that “all good people should carry guns.”

Did I miss something? Has the NRA adopted this? Are the gun bloggers demanding that all good people should carry guns?

I left this comment.

Help: I’m trying to find out who’s claiming that “all good people should carry guns.”

Please point me to the ones making this claim.

Thanks in advance!

Go see Robb’s post for a lot more discussion on this