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The Gun Buyback Loophoole

Oregon: Gun turn-in pits Ceasefire against collectors with cash Only 43 people turned in unwanted guns Saturday at Ceasefire Oregon’s latest community collection event, in the Veterans Memorial Coliseum parking lot. Compared to 152 last year. And competition probably had something to do with it: [Gun collectors] lined up at the parking lot’s two entrances, […]

Oregon Police or US Army?

Images from the search for David Anthony Durham, the suspect in the shooting of a police officer last weekend: One of the very few times the media uses the term “assault rifles” and it’s actually correct. That is some serious tactical gear and weaponry. More photos at MilitaryPhotos.net. More here.

Why does it seem like the only way the Antis can succeed is by lying?

Jeff at Alphecca points out an Oregon anti-gun rights organization posing as a pro-gun group and asking gun owners to support them. The organization is called Oregon Gun Owners. At Ammoland: In 1999 “Oregon Gun Owners” worked with former legislator, and perennial candidate, Kevin Mannix, to forge legislation that would outlaw private transfers of firearms […]

Warning Shot Success Story

Forest Grove man scares off attacker with warning shot A 55-year-old Forest Grove man narrowly escaped a brawl with a drunk 21-year-old from Cornelius early Wednesday morning by firing a warning shot from his pistol while he was pinned, Police said. John McKnight was walking his dog on the 1700 block of Elm Street about […]

Cattle Rustlers? Did you just say ‘Cattle Rustlers?’

Are you kidding me? Last summer, pushed by Jordan Valley rancher Bob Skinner, a past president of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, ranchers overcame their reluctance to talk and started sharing information with law enforcement and each other. It quickly became clear that more than 1,200 cattle worth about $1 million had disappeared, far more than […]

$80 Machined AR Lower

Not the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, but the price is amazing: It’s machined from aluminum, not forged or cast. Probably going to be a bit heavier, but also sturdier and more durable. By TNW Firearms of Vernonia, Oregon. Anyone use one of these TNW receivers?