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Expert: Chattanooga Proves That Military Must Rethink Gun-Free Zones

After gunman Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, a Muslim immigrant from Kuwait, allegedly shot and killed four Marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee, former NYPD detective Harry Houck said the military’s “gun-free zone” mindset has to change.

Speaking to CNN Newsroom, Houck said, “I’m a Marine. And this really is hitting me a little harder here than normal that [these Marines] weren’t able to protect themselves at the time this occurred.”

“We need people that are armed,” he added. He also said that even if that means getting armed guards, then so be it; something has to change.

Ask those who disagree whether they are anti-Constitution, anti-Marine, or pro-terrorist so you know where they’re coming from.

Anti-gunners think that guns should only be in the hands of police or military, so they have no reason to think Marines shouldn’t have guns.

Fort Dix. Fort Hood. Chattanooga recruiting station.

How many more?

Every time an attack on military personnel occurs, people are flabbergasted that the military didn’t have weapons to fight the attacker. Stop being flabbergasted every single time like it’s an unbelievable thing. It’s a very believable thing. It’s on purpose. People decided that it’s correct for the military be unarmed.

Decide something different.

Was this guy IS? Seems likely, at first glance, but we’ll see. Either way, he was a coward and so are most of those on his side. Let the good guys have guns. Then the cowards will be more hesitant to attack, and if they do they can be sent to hell more quickly.

Gun-Shaped Assault Pizza

Boy disciplined after waving gun-shaped pizza slice

The idiots at David Youree Elementary School in Smyrna, Tennessee, have sentenced a 10-year-old boy to lunch at the “silent table”

for allegedly waving around a slice of pizza some say resembled a gun.

Yes, he’s getting punishment because of a piece of pizza. The school says he’s in trouble not because of the pizza, but because of the threats they say he made.

Threats with a piece of pizza.

“I realize some might say we are going overboard but the principal is just trying to use an abundance of caution and send the message that we don’t play about guns and it’s not something we joke around about,” [James Evans, spokesperson for the Rutherford County School District] said.

The school’s principal is Steve Luker. He decided that this was an appropriate response.

If the threat had been made with a banana instead of this improvised gun-shaped piece of food, would Principal Steve Luker have locked the place down and called the tactical response unit?

Thank God David Youree Elementary School in the Rutherford County School District is watching out for our kids. You might think they’ve gone “overboard,” but if it saves just one kid from being shot to death with a piece of pizza, it will be worth it.

Let this be a warning to those who would shoot others with gun-shaped pieces of pizza.

What idiots. Being paid with public funding.

Venison That Glows

Oak Ridge’s 2011 deer harvest: 321 taken (3 too hot to take home)

The third and final deer hunt of 2011 on the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge reservation was held over the weekend, and 80 deer were taken.

That brings the total for the three weekend hunts to 321 deer — 177 bucks and 144 does, according to info provided by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Of that total, three deer were retained at the checking station because they had too much radioactive contamination, the lab said.

So if a buck has two 4-point heads, is it an 8-point?

Via Instapundit.

Why would you ever need your Glock in a bar?

Answer: To fend off the guy with the shotgun.

E. Nashville Restaurant Full Of Customers Robbed

Around 11:20 p.m., two men armed with guns walked into the Holland House restaurant on West Eastland Avenue and ordered everyone in the building to the floor. Capt. Chris Taylor with the Metro Police Department said there were 30 to 40 people inside the restaurant at the time of the robbery…

The gunmen were wearing pantyhose over their faces during the robbery, said police. One of the men was armed with what was described as a sawed-off shotgun, and the other had a pistol, police said. Both gunmen were described as black, about 6 feet tall and weighing about 160 pounds.

Obviously the robbers were unaware of the strict “no guns” policy at the establishment. Despite this faux pas, they made off with lots of customers’ cell phones and cash from the register. Local police suspect that the pair may be responsible for a recent string of armed robberies in the area.

Apparently the place is a sort of hipster bar, so the “don’t go to the sort of places where you think you’d need a gun” rule doesn’t apply.

Rather, the “bad guys with guns prefer to go to places where the good guys aren’t allowed to have guns” rule is in effect.

(via Wall of the City)

Sure to tick off some Conservatives

Tennessee: National Rifle Association endorses Herron over Fincher in 8th District race

While I applaud the NRA’s commitment to those with a solid pro-gun rights record and I am glad that they’re not just a GOP sock puppet, this isn’t going to sit well with a lot of people.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but tread carefully here. Dem majorities are still Dem majorities.

Armed man fatally shot at Tennessee high school :: WRAL.com

Armed man fatally shot at Tennessee high school

BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. — An armed man was fatally shot by deputies Monday at an east Tennessee high school after he went inside and pointed a gun at the principal’s head, a sheriff said.

Well done, deputies!

But there’s another interesting tidbit:

[The gun man] Cowan entered the school with a .380-caliber semiautomatic and a .25-caliber handgun in his back pocket, Anderson said. The sheriff said that after Cowan grabbed the principal, Melanie Riden, and pointed the semiautomatic at her head, student resource officer Carolyn Gudger pulled her gun on Cowan and moved the principal to safety. [emphasis Murdoc’s]

What sounds like a bit of a standoff followed, and deputies shot Cowan after he pointed his gun at Gudger.

Not only did an armed individual prevent a school attack, but the deputies didn’t seem to have trouble knowing who the good guys and the bad guys were. We keep being told that armed people in schools won’t help and will just make it tougher for the authorities to do their jobs.