You had better be damn sure of what you’re shooting at

Be sure of your target and what’s behind it:

The Vermont Supreme Court has ruled that a hunter who shoots and injures someone because he or she didn’t properly identify the target can face an aggravated assault charge.

In a case arising out of Lamoille County, the court upheld the aggravated assault conviction of Eric Patch, who was out partridge hunting in November of 2006 when he saw movement in a tree, fired his 12-gauge shotgun and hit a deer hunter.

Jeff Soyer agrees with the ruling. So does Murdoc.

Talking Turkey during Snack Time: La La La!

Jeff Soyer points this out:

Jared was sharing a conversation during his free period snack time at school. He was talking with a friend about the recent spring 2008 turkey season. Both boys had been out hunting with their dads and Jared was asking his friend where he had gotten his first turkey.

“Jared’s teacher covered her ears, trying to block the conversation, and singing ‘la la la la.’ When asked by another school employee about her odd behavior, the teacher claimed she did not want to hear about the boys and their ‘killing.’

The teacher switched all snack times in her class to “working” snack times so she could limit what students talked about.

The student’s parents pulled him out of the school and began homeschooling him.

More Gun Control, Says Vermont Poll

Vermont State Flag

Jeff Soyer:

In a poll of Vermonters that asked only one question, “Would you favor or oppose the state passing new legislation to restrict sale or ownership of guns?” the surprising (to many) result was a majority of them do favor more restrictions.

It’s surprising because traditionally, even Democrats in the state are pro-Second Amendment and have eschewed gun control laws. The fact is, of course, that liberal flatlanders from out-of-state continue to move here and try to ram their leftist, socialist agenda down the throat of natives.

Adds a commenter:

This poll announcement follows by two weeks the WCAX two part scare series on the increase in ‘gun crime’ in the state.