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State agent not charged after gun sale claim

The Badger State: A Wisconsin Department of Justice agent who was accused of illegally manufacturing and selling weapons won’t face criminal charges, according to a letter sent Friday to The Associated Press. Assistant Attorney General Kevin Potter said the agency will now decide whether to launch an internal investigation into Jay Smith. Smith was a […]


Wisconsin swamped by concealed-carry applications Wisconsin residents have overwhelmed the state Justice Department with so many concealed weapon permit applications agency officials say they probably won’t meet deadlines for issuing approvals this month despite pulling dozens of employees from other tasks to help. A state law that allows Wisconsin residents to carry concealed weapons went […]

Wisconsin Castle Doctrine

Castle Doctrine Legislation Signed into Law! Yesterday, Governor Scott Walker signed into law important self-defense legislation for the citizens of Wisconsin. Commonly known as the “Castle Doctrine,” Assembly Bill 69 will provide essential protections for law-abiding citizens who defend themselves and their families from a criminal looking to do them harm. This new law took […]

Talk About Paranoid…

Sebastian observes And They Say We’re Fearful Eugene Kane in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Before today, I never had to worry about encountering covertly armed strangers during my daily routine. That, boys and girls, is as stupid a thing as you’ll ever read. If he really thinks he’s never encountered “covertly armed” people before during […]

Badger State Reciprocity

Concealed weapons permits from the following states will be good in Wisconsin: Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Georgia Hawaii Idaho Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Michigan Minnesota Nebraska New York North Carolina North Dakota Pennsylvania Tennessee Texas Utah Washington Wyoming Puerto Rico U.S. Virgin Islands Permits from the listed states will be recognized in Wisconsin […]

Blood in the Streets of Wisconsin

Okay, no blood. But we’ve been assured it’s coming: Sheboygan DA blasts concealed-carry law “It is outrageous when, hiding behind a constitutional right, special interest groups’ paranoia and extreme views put our officers at risk when they are simply trying to do their sworn duty and remain as safe as possible,” said Sheboygan County District […]

Carry Coming to Wisconsin?

New concealed carry bills go further than previous efforts Madison — Republican lawmakers are moving quickly on bills to allow people to carry concealed weapons without any training and potentially without having to obtain state permits… With Republicans now controlling the Legislature and governor’s office, a concealed weapons bill is expected to easily pass this […]