Top 5 Best Slug Gun Scopes in 2020 Reviews

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While some shooters may not believe it, adding a scope to your slug gun has some real benefits.

We all know that slug guns are effective in killing a wide range of game, but accuracy can be an issue. With a mounted scope, you are increasing your accuracy as well as distance when it comes to target acquisition.

best slug gun scopes

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Therefore, in this in-depth review of the Best Slug Gun Scopes, we will:

  • Consider the difference between a shotgun and slug gun.
  • Review 5 of the very best scopes for slug gun currently on the market.
  • Look at some factors that should tell you why this type of scope is a worthy addition to any armory.

The difference between a Shotgun and a Slug gun:

Just so we are clear on the difference, a slug gun is simply a shotgun with additives!

Two major differences:

  • Choke required: To turn your shotgun into a slug gun, you need to add a ‘choke.’ This is fixed at the barrels muzzle end, and its job is to control the bore diameter. When it is correctly fitted and working, it will ensure the loaded slugs are propelled precisely.
  • It is called a slug gun as opposed to a shotgun because rather than using metal BBs, you can shoot slugs instead.

Before looking at other aspects of best slug gun scopes for the money, let’s review…

5 slug gun scopes that deserve recognition

These reviews will cover different manufacturers and different price points. By comparing what each has to offer, it should help narrow down your choice. You will then be in a position to define which is your pick of the bunch in terms of best value slug gun scopes.

Top 5 Best Slug Gun Scopes Reviews

  1. Nikon Prostaff P3 Shotgun BDC 200 Riflescope - Best Slug Gun Scopes for Hunting

Nikon needs no introduction when it comes to optics. And any shooter who opts for their Prostaff P3 scope will certainly not be disappointed. This scope has been developed from the famed Nikon SlugHunter line of scopes. It is an optic that is easily one of the best slug gun scopes for hunting.

Solid name = Solid build

This one-piece scope has been crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and is specifically designed to take the expected slug kick. It is also nitrogen-purged, which means you will have the benefit of a water, fog, and shockproof scope. Rugged hunting trips will be no problem for this scope.

Talking of slug kick, you do not have to worry about eye relief. This scope gives a generous 5 inches of it.

Those shooters using superior polymer-tip sabot slugs will notice the difference in terms of target acquisition and longer distance accuracy.

Why do we say this?

Well, because four ballistic aiming circles outline distances between 100-200 yards. Add to this the stated 3x-9x magnification, and you should have no problem in targeting prey up to 200 yards in the distance. As well as still being able to achieve accurate homing in and hitting targets closer to you.

In addition to this, the 40mm objective lens draws ample light that projects crisp, clear target images. This is also the case during those dusk and dawn (low light) conditions, so many of us enjoy shooting in. It should be noted that low light conditions are fine for the use of this scope. However, darker conditions are not the best. We say this because the reticle is non-illuminated.

Spring-loaded turrets mean instant zero-reset and it features precise windage and elevation adjustments at 1/4 MOA.

Nikon Prostaff P3 Shotgun BDC 200 Riflescope - Best Slug Gun Scopes for Hunting
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Nikon patented BDC 200 reticle (open circle design).
  • Excellent eye relief – 5 inches.
  • Easy to use, accurate 1/4 MOA hand-turn adjustment.


  • Non-illuminated reticle.
  • Lens cover design could be stronger.

  1. Bushnell Trophy Rifle Scope with Multi-X Reticle

Next up is another famed scope manufacturer. Bushnell, who are many shooters go-to optics provider.

The body is made from one-inch aluminum tube (aircraft grade). It is also O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged for dirt, fog, and water resistance.

There are two choices in terms of objective lens and magnification. You can either go for a 3x – 9x magnification with large 40mm objective lens or a 3x – 7x magnification with smaller 36mm objective lens. The lenses feature multi-coated optics, which give clear, sharp target images and when firing, you have a maximum of 4 inches eye-relief.

The larger size ensures you are touching maximum slug gun range effectiveness.

Reduce that recoil!

All slug gun users know that harsh recoil can be expected. However, you will be sound in the knowledge that this scope will hold zero regardless of the received recoil.

For those longer shots, windage and elevation changes are made through the finger adjustable turrets.

Bushnell Trophy Rifle Scope with Multi-X Reticle
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Two magnification and lens sizes available
  • Adequate in low light conditions.
  • Mid-range price bracket.


  • Some quality control issues meaning returns.

  1. Burris Droptine Riflescope with Ballistic Plex .22 Reticle, 2-7x35mm

Featuring variable magnification from between 2x – 7x this scope has a 35mm objective lens. It features high-quality optical glass used for the lenses, and this is combined with ‘Hi-Lume’ multicasting aids.

This index matching works in your favor when shooting in conditions of low light. Having said this, the quality here ensures crisp, clear images whenever you focus in on your target.

An interesting feature for hunters…

The scope has a ballistic plex reticle. This type of reticle is said to be best suited to hunters. With this in mind, it easily makes this one of the best slug gun scopes for hunting.

By mounting the scope on your slug gun, you will achieve accuracy at distances of between 100 and 120 yards with true accuracy. This is certainly not as far as some of the other best long-range slug gun scopes around. But, for those who get close enough to their target, it is a solid choice for turkey, deer, and other animal hunting expeditions.

A robust build…

Eye relief is 3.1-4.1 inches which makes it possible to shoot targets from different positions. It has also been robustly built to withstand the majority of slug gun recoil and harsh hunting conditions.

This quality scope affords a low profile. It also features finger-adjustable turrets, a separate eye-piece, plus a power ring allowing for the use of flip-up lens caps.

Burris Droptine Riflescope with Ballistic Plex .22 Reticle, 2-7x35mm
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Quality, high-grade lenses.
  • Ballistic Plex reticle – ideal for hunters.


  • Limited range.

  1. Simmons 517793 Prodiamond Shotgun Prohunter Riflescope - Best Value for Money Slug Gun Scopes

Simmons is another high-quality scope manufacturer that constantly gets good press. And it is easy to see why.

Crystal clear, sharp images are produced while viewing and homing in on targets with this scope. With that in mind, this is one of the best value for money slug gun scopes available.

Why is it such good value?

It features Simmons Quick Target Acquisition (QTA) technology. Once you have located your target, it takes just seconds to sharply focus in. Even with moving prey, your chances of a killshot are increased. This is thanks to the image clarity and accuracy the scope offers.

As well as being used for hunting activities, this is also a very useable scope when it comes to scouting. In both of these pursuits, a rugged scope is required. The Prodiamond does not let you down in this respect.

Come rain, come shine…

Its inner housing has been filled and then nitrogen-gas purged for moisture absorption and elimination. Couple this with a quality O-ring seal, and you have a scope that is fog and waterproof.

The objective lens is 32mm while the scope has fixed magnification of 4x. Very good quality lenses along with optics that are multi-coated mean clear, sharp images are yours. And with 4 inches of eye relief, you will be comfortable shooting under any conditions.

Easy target acquisition…

A well-manufactured reticle makes short-range target acquisition easy. This is regardless of your hunting environment and backdrop. You will also have confidence that it holds zero no matter what situation you are in.

Another benefit of this lightweight scope; it weighs in at just 8.36 ounces, are the easily adjustable turrets. These are built to hold their setting under harsh slug gun recoil.

A final plus for you!

On top of a very well-built and amply featured best slug gun scope, you have peace of mind that this unit is backed by the Simmons lifetime guarantee.

Simmons 517793 Prodiamond Shotgun Prohunter Riflescope - Best Value for Money Slug Gun Scopes
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • QTA (Quick Target Acquisition) eyepiece.
  • Very solid yet lightweight slug gun scope.
  • Recoil friendly.
  • Good for scouting purposes.
  • Light and compact.


  • Magnification is fixed (4x).
  • Limited range.
  • Not the best for dusk and dawn hunting.

  1. Vortex Optics Diamondback Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

Vortex optics offer a wide choice of configurations in their Diamondback Second Focal Plane Riflescopes series. We will concentrate on the Diamondback 3-9×40 riflescope, but general build and features are yours with other configurations.

The quality build of Vortex Optics scopes is worthy of mention.

Why do we say this?

When it comes to scope durability, it is widely accepted that a 1-part constructed unit is preferable. With this scope, you get that and more. It is made from 1-inch aluminum (aircraft-grade) and will withstand the toughest of conditions. You also benefit from the fact that the design makes it extremely recoil resistant.

Being argon-purged ensures fog-free viewing. The quality O-ring seal means you have a water and dustproof scope to take Into the harshest of hunting environments.

ArmorTek coated…

There will be no concern about the optical scratching. These best, scratch-resistant scopes feature ArmorTek exterior coating. This means as well as good quality images with sharp resolution; your lenses will remain scratch-free.

The reviewed model features a Dead-Hold BDC. It also offers 3x – 9x magnification and a 40mm objective lens. This makes it an ideal scope for stalking and hunting larger prey, even in areas of thick vegetation. As mentioned, there are other configurations available in this series.

With a fixed 100 yard parallax and fast-focus eyepiece, you will gain confidence in target acquisition. However, it should be noted that eye relief of 3.5 inches may be a concern for some.

But, all things considered, it is easily one the best scopes for slug gun currently available.

Why do we say this?

Well, because the included features are normally only found in quality, higher-priced scopes.

Vortex Optics Diamondback Second Focal Plane Riflescopes
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Dead-Hold BDC (Bullet Drop Compensator) MOA (Minute of Angle reticle).
  • Parallax setting of 100 yards.
  • Robust, durable scope.


  • 3.5 inches of eye relief.
  • Non-illuminated reticle.

Best Slug Gun Scopes Buyer’s Guide – What to look for in a best slug gun scope

Here are three things to consider before purchase and three reasons why choosing the best slug gun scope for the money makes good sense.

  • Build

Slug gun and shotgun users already know that they are in possession of a weapon that is a heavy hitter. They, therefore, know (and expect) lots of recoil compared to other weapon use.

This means you need to choose a robust, solidly built scope. One that holds zero settings after repeated shooting and one that is resilient in terms of fog, water, and dust-proofing.

For those who hunt or are into tactical pursuits, the chosen scope should also be shockproof.

  • Ease of install

Not many of us are qualified gunsmiths! Unless you have experience and enjoy installing complex ‘add-ons’ to your weapons, it is best to go for ease of scope installation.

slug gun scopes

Photo by Bruce Winter

Something that is quick attach and detach will suit most. Check out what your hunting community has to say about installation of the various scopes on offer. This will then allow you to go with one that suits your needs and purpose.

  • Price

The vast majority of shooters need to bear price vs. value in mind.

You can simply plump for a scope that has tons of features and is in the high price bracket. Alternatively, you can opt for the cheapest scope with few features and even less durability.

Neither of these options will suit most shooters! This means you should take time to consider your personal needs:

  • How often do you go shooting?
  • What conditions do you shoot in? On this point, while terrain and weather conditions should be an obvious consideration, also think about low light shooting. If you do a fair bit of the latter, you need a scope that will cope.
  • What level of shooting expertise do you have/do you realistically expect to gain?

Narrowing down your personal preferences will ensure you narrow down the choice, which makes sense in terms of a good investment.

Three benefits of owning one of the best scopes for slug gun:

As promised, here are three things that make the purchase of the best quality slug gun scope a worthwhile investment.

  • Improved accuracy

Acquiring and using a good slug gun scope means you will achieve greater shooting accuracy. Until you try a good quality scope, you may not believe this. But, once you have shot with such a scope, you will even impress yourself with the accuracy achieved!

  • Longer range target acquisition

A good scope with a quick target acquisition feature will help you sight and secure your target. Couple that with the improved accuracy you achieve and you are on a home run!

  • Increased shooting confidence

As with many things, the more confident you become, the greater your skill becomes. Shooting is certainly no different.

Once you get used to your slug gun scope of choice, you will gain confidence in trying different things. In turn, this will lead to you becoming a far more proficient shooter.

So, what are the Best Slug Gun Scopes?

While all of the scopes we’ve reviewed have positives going for them, it is clear that some will suit your style better than others.

For medium use shooters looking at real value for money then the…

Bushnell Trophy riflescope

….certainly fits the bill.

But, for those who are seriously into shooting and demand robustness, accuracy, a choice of configurations, and all-round quality. Our recommendation is the…

Vortex Optics Diamondback Second Focal Plane Riflescopes range

This makes for an excellent acquisition, both in terms of price and constant target sighting!

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