Gun Range Etiquette

Like anything else, there are certain standards that you should follow when shooting your firearm at the gun range. This is known as range etiquette and is important to you enjoying your experience, and also the people around enjoying there’s.

If you follow the range etiquette, you will not get reprimanded by the range and you will make friends. It is always a good idea to ask the range safety officer about the rules.

Gun Range Etiquette

Every range is different and it is good to know if there is something you shouldn’t do, but here is a list on things will be true to every range.

1. Never bring a gun in uncovered

Make sure they are all cased up because range employees can get testy when you walk in wielding a gun. This is a great way to make people mad and watch you like a hawk.

2. Follow the 4 rules of gun safety rule of gun

Safety is the most important thing. If you are inexperienced, it doesn’t matter as long as you are safe. People won’t be afraid to be around you and will be happy to give you some pointers.

3. Never shoot someone else’s target

This is another great way to piss someone off. They may be counting their shots on the target and this will throw them off. Or they could be sighting in their new firearm and do it wrong.

4. Never interrupt someone when they are shooting

This can be dangerous. You never know what someone will do if they startled. Let them finish shooting before you bother them.

5. When the RSO calls a ceasefire you listen and stay away from your cleared guns

The call a ceasefire for a reason. Don’t ignore it. Walking towards your guns will make people jumpy.

6. Never cross the firing line for any reason

This can get you shot on accident and no one wants that.

7. Clean up your spent casings when you are done, but only in your lane

You need to be a responsible and clean up after yourself. No one wants to clean up your mess. However, only do it in your area. No one wants you crawling around behind them.

Follow these few etiquette guidelines and people around you will enjoy shooting near you. This will boost your experience and hopefully you can make some shooting companions.

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