GunBroker Review

  1. Introduction

Well, good day to you all. And welcome this time to a review of the well-known site GunBrocker.

If you have been cruising the internet, searching for, or trying to sell a particular firearm, you will most likely have come across this site. Or, you could well have stumbled across GunBroker through a link from a particular gun search. Either way, for those of you who are in the market for purchasing or selling of a weapon, this really is a website you need to be aware of.

So, please read on with this GunBroker Review, we are going to break everything down and give you an insight into how it works and what this website is all about.

The future is now!

It is the way of the modern world to shop online for all manner of items. Grab your tablet, laptop, or phone to search for and buy the next piece to add to your firearm collection online? It makes perfect sense to do so nowadays.

The main aim of GunBroker is to help you to find what you are potentially looking for. While, at the same time, safeguarding you from not getting scammed or cheated by one of the low level creeps that do lurk about in cyberspace.

  1. What do GunBroker offer?

Firstly, to explain exactly what GunBroker is, let us just make it plainly clear what this website most certainly is not. Despite the claims from certain politicians and what they have stated publicly, to buy a firearm online is a 100% legal thing to do, even from non-licensed, private individuals.

GunBroker Review
Photo by Marco Verch

GunBroker is most certainly not some kind of dark, black market web to ‘just go and buy a weapon.’ And, they most certainly are not a loophole in the system to allow criminals gun access with ease. 

GunBroker, like to make it very clear to anyone looking at and using their website that they follow all US Federal and State government laws to the letter. They are in business to set up transactions as a third party broker; they are not an FFL (Federal Firearm Licences) supplier or a retailer.

So, that makes sense to you, right? The clue is kind of in their name!

Fees are charged based on which different services you choose to use that they provide. Essentially, you are looking at a website that is the ‘eBay’ for firearms and ammunition sales. And buyers may be both private or commercial entities.

You must set up an account with them, which is easy and straightforward to do. This will then allow you to have the opportunity to buy or sell firearms and firearms parts as well as purchase ammunition, optics, and all manner of other gun-related accessories.

For hobby shooters, outdoor sportsman, or the professional alike, GunBroker can be a very handy online market source to find the item you need.

  1. GunBroker Review - How it works

Well, to buy or sell, it does not matter, you first need to sign up. 

GunBroker will require your Email address, then pick a username and password. You are required by law to provide them with your correct home address, date of birth, and phone number. All of this is done to verify identity only. No information you supply is shared with third parties or sold without your consent first.

Once fully registered and activated, you will receive a Welcome Email. This will include links to some helpful topics such as how to buy/sell and a buyer’s tutorial guide. You will also be informed of how GunBroker charges, giving you a clear breakdown of how they charge you.

  1. Fees

Once you have joined, there are no reoccurring membership fees. Any fees you will incur are only gathered when you have sold an item on the website. This is whether it be a direct sale or through an auction. At that point, your sale is accessed as a ‘final value fee.’ This is based on the selling price a buyer has agreed to.

gunbroker fee

Buyers are not charged a fee. That goes for you if you are setting up a basic listing as well. Add your item of sale to the website, and this will include your thumbnail image with no cost. 

  1. What are the charges made by GunBroker on a sale?

OK, follow us closely for this…

GunBroker charge 6% from the first $250 of the selling price. If an item is sold at under $250, then the 6% cut is the only charge you will pay. If however, your sale is above $250, 6% of the first $250 is still charged, with the remainder of the sale price charged at 3.5%.

Now, if you sell an item that is over $1000, the 6% charge of the first $250 equals $15. Then the remaining $750 is charged at 3.5%, which equals $26.25.

That means you would pay GunBroker $41.25 for a $1000 sale.

Well, we hope you can follow the numbers with that!

Perfect economic sense…

If you consider how big a hit some guys take from trying to trade or sell a firearm at their local gun store, this makes perfect economic sense to list on GunBroker. All listings have a duration of ninety days if on an auction. But you do have an option to extend or reduce this time if you so wish. It will, though, incur a small fee to do so.

You do have the choice to garner more attention to your listing if you pay additional fees. These can range from having GunBroker sponsor the listing with on and off-site advertising. Plus eye-catching colored graphics can be added, as well as a view counter.

All fees the seller accrue are added up throughout each month. At around the 2nd of each month, you will receive an Emailed statement to check. Billing can then be done by whichever method of payment you have filed with Gunbroker. It really is a very easy system of operation.

  1. Laws and regulations

It goes without saying that all laws must be strictly abided by with regards to the dealing of any firearms and ammunition.

The way in which the US government is set up means there are lots of things to keep in mind and be aware of. This goes especially with the differences there are between local, state, and federal laws.

Note – per federal law, a private citizen can ship a firearm without an FFL. Be sure though, to ship the said firearm to an individual or a shop that does possess an FFL.

gunbroker law

If you are unsure of, or want to confirm the rules and regulations involved with the private sale and shipment of firearms, then GunBroker themselves have a whole section of their website devoted to just this issue.

Remember, handguns can not be sent through the regular US postal service, for instance. You have to ship using contract carriers such as UPS or FedEx direct to an FFL holder.

Ammunition has its own separate shipping classification again, which is treated and classed as a hazardous material.

  1. Things to keep in mind

Please do take into account that not all in this nation of ours are honest. People do lie or give fraudulent information about a weapon for sale. There are scammers out there too, who will try to sell, knock-off or fake items.

Try to be educated enough to spot when something is wrong. If you are unsure or feel a seller is misleading you, then report them to GunBroker. They will investigate any such allegations. The aim is to serve the buyer with a 100% safe and trouble free service. They want to know about any ‘iffy’ items or sellers working on their website.

  1. Pros & Cons


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  • Nationwide access of firearms to buy.
  • Nationwide audience to sell your weapon too.
  • The security GunBroker offer to buy or sell through them.



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  • Be educated as to what you are buying.
  • Be careful of fake products that may be offered.


  1. Conclusion

So, there we are. A closer and detailed look at one of the larger and most popular websites in operation today. GunBroker act as a middleman for you to buy or sell weapons and ammunition online. They are not the only site offering such services, but, they are an established and knowledgeable place to use.

We feel they are a user-friendly site. And there is good back-up service if something goes wrong. Their support service and links to advice and legalities are very clear and informative.

If you are after a weapon and have the freedom to search across the States, then GunBroker will be a great site for you.


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